Lent: features of food

Lent: features of food

The faith in God assumes observance of the certain rules admitted to churches. The Lent just is also one of such rules. But not everyone has information as it is correct to build during this period the structure and nutritional standards. Besides in the people there is a stereotype about monotony of fast dishes and lack of any taste in them. But it is wrong.

If you decided to fast, then it is worth to remember that the most strict are the 1st week of the Lent and also the last. These days it is allowed to use only bread and water. It is allowed to add to a diet only a few vegetables and fruit (fresh). Also It should be noted that during this period it is impossible to taste any vegetable oil.

If you decided to observe a post for the first time, then the above rules will be too sharp for you. In this case it is necessary to prepare in food those dishes on a fast basis which are resolved.

On the Friday and Saturday preceding Easter there are strict restrictions. These days starve and remember about Christ's sufferings.

In other days of a post any plant food is eaten. It should be noted the fact that the acquired ready-made products can contain a certain percent of animal fats. For example. tasty, at first sight, pancakes with mushrooms or potatoes dumplings, in your opinion, being a fast dish, may contain a number of milk or an egg powder.

It should be noted that in many supermarkets in the period of the Lent it is possible to get special fast products, for example. the mayonnaise made from fast ingredients.

In the period of the Lent it is worth refusing completely meat dishes and in general consumption of any meat. If you adore cutlets, then it is possible to make them of vegetables and grain and to taste they won't concede to meat. It is allowed to taste fish in the Palm Sunday and the Annunciation. Also during this period it is impossible to take alcohol, any dairy products, eggs.

For admirers of sweet in a post it is allowed to use not milk dark chocolate (as a part of which there is no milk) and also sugar, honey, fruit jelly various frozen berries and dried fruits.

If you during this period hunger, then it is possible to eat hot dishes with ingredients at which there is a vegetable protein. First of all, It should be noted lentil, haricot and peas. The soup cooked from them will be very nutritive and high-calorie.

Don't forget that all dishes in the period of the Lent should be cooked, without adding any animal fat. Instead they can be extinguished or cooked.

Porridges are cooked only on water, and their taste improves by means of addition of various vegetables.

Also don't forget what the Lent assumes not only physical, but also spiritual clarification. You will be trapped by a set of obstacles, but we believe that you with honor will cope with any tests during this period, and you won't give in to temptations.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team