Lime tea: structure and useful properties

Lime tea: structure and useful properties

There are several types of tea some of which promote not only to satisfying of thirst, but also well influence a human body. Lime tea is one of the most useful to the use by the person.

The taste of lime tea reminds us of warm season. Phytotherapists attribute to this drink unusual properties. Lime tea is a source of ascorbic acid, coumarin, carotene, flavonoids and other useful substances. It helps to get rid of a large number of illnesses.

If you were visited by cold, then you should begin to consume the described drink. It will raise the resilience of an organism and will reduce temperature. If you suffer from bronchitis, then the described drink by all means will improve your health.

Lime tea has also the calming effect. If it is difficult for you to fill up at night, then this drink will exempt you from internal tension. However it needs to be drunk in moderate quantities. Otherwise it will make exciting impact on your nervous system. The described drink helps also at the problems connected with a GIT. It considerably improves digestion. Experts advise it to drink after consumption of meat. It is desirable for women to consume lime tea. It improves health in critical days and in the period of PMS. Besides, it positively affects health at a menopause. You will reduce the number of inflows and pressure is normalized. You shouldn't forget also that the described drink reduces cholesterol level. If you want to prolong the youth, then you need to consume it. The minerals and vitamins which are in tea positively influence hair and skin. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team