Milk porridges: recipes for children

Milk porridges: recipes for children

The advantage of porridges is known long since. The protein which is contained in grain well is acquired by an organism. Besides, they are rich with carbohydrates that does porridges by a power source. Milk porridges are irreplaceable in baby food.

Porridge children's with fruit

For preparation of porridge which for certain will be to the taste to children it will be required:

- 1 glass of oat flakes; - 1 glass of milk;

- 1 glass of water; - 50 g of cottage cheese; - 1 banana; - 1 apple; - 1 pear; - 2 tablespoons of a desi; - 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar; - salt. Separately bring to the boil water and milk. Then fill up oat flakes in the boiling water, add salt, granulated sugar and, stirring slowly, you cook within 5 minutes. Then pour in hot milk and continue to cook 10 more minutes.

Add the cottage cheese wiped through a sieve and a desi to porridge. Well mix everything. Carefully wash up apple and pear, and peel banana. Slice fruit thin, mix with porridge and give to a table.

Semolina porridge with cranberry sauce

To cook useful and tasty semolina porridge, it is necessary to take the following ingredients: - ½ glasses of semolina; - 2 glasses of milk; - 2 tablespoons of granulated sugar; - 1 tsps of vanilla sugar; - salt. For cranberry sauce: - 60 g of a cranberry; - ¾ glass of water; - 1 tablespoons of potato starch; - 2 tablespoons of sugar; - dried peel of 1 orange. First of all, bring to the boil milk, add salt, vanillin and granulated sugar. Then a thin stream pour semolina and you cook when stirring until thick. Make cranberry sauce. For this purpose squeeze out juice of a cranberry, fill in alburnum with hot water and you cook within 3 minutes. Then filter the prepared broth, connect to granulated sugar, add the wrung-out cranberry juice and the dried peel of one orange rubbed on a small grater. Bring everything to the boil and pour a thin stream in the potato starch divorced in a small amount of cold water. You cook sauce of 5 more minutes and remove from fire. When giving water milk semolina porridge with vitamin sweet-sour cranberry sauce.

"Chocolate" porridge

For preparation of rice porridge for little sweet teeth according to this recipe, it is required: - 200 g of rice; - 1 ½ glass of milk; - 2 glasses of water; - 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder; - 100 g of sugar; - 50 g of dense cream; - 50 g of chocolate; - salt. Touch rice and wash out. Boil water, add some salt, pour the prepared rice and you cook within 10 minutes. Then pour in boiled milk and cook porridge before solidification. Then add cocoa powder and sugar. Well mix everything and you cook 5 more minutes. Then lay out rice porridge in the molds oiled, and cool. Shake up heavy cream the mixer in dense foam. When giving on a table lay out "chocolate" porridge on a dish, issue whipped cream and pieces of chocolate.

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