Oil of black caraway seeds: advantage and efficiency

Oil of black caraway seeds: advantage and efficiency

Seeds of black caraway seeds use not only as seasoning, but also do of them valuable oil. This unique curative product is long since applied in traditional and nonconventional medicine of the East to treatment of various diseases and restoration of the immune system of the person. The secret of its advantage is in unique structure.

Structure and useful properties of oil of black caraway seeds

Oil of black caraway seeds strengthens an organism due to enrichment with its vitamins, minerals and biologically active agents. This product is vitamin-rich A, B1, B3, D, C, zinc, selenium, phosphorus, calcium, iron. There are at its structure vegetable proteins, thiamine and ниацин.

But the main thing – oil of black caraway seeds contains palmitic, olein, stearin and linoleic acids which are irreplaceable for prevention of cardiovascular diseases. That is why this product is recommended to be included in a diet at violation of brain blood circulation, the raised cholesterol, atherosclerosis, varicosity, hypertensions. The same acids prevent development of such diseases as diabetes and obesity.

This product possesses bile-expelling and diuretic action, kills bacteria of a big range. That is why it is useful to apply it to treatment of dysbacteriosis and normalization of microflora in a GIT which directly affects the state of health in general. Besides, oil of black caraway seeds renders the spazmolitichesky and calming effect. Oil possesses and antioxidant properties – at regular consumption it promotes removal from an organism not only slags, but also various harmful compounds, salts of heavy metals. This product has salutary effect on work of a liver, helps with fight against various illnesses of this body. According to the last researches of the American scientists, such substances as тимогидрохинон and тимохинон, the oils which are contained in structure, suppress growth and development of cancer cells. Oil of black caraway seeds also helps with fight against an allergy. It not only effectively fights against symptoms of this disease, but also promotes decrease in reaction of an organism to external allergens. Thus, with its help it is possible even to get rid of this disease forever. It can be applied to treatment of asthma and various skin diseases – eczemas, acne rash, etc.

Use of oil of black caraway seeds

For prevention and strengthening of immunity oil of black caraway seeds is recommended to be applied in number of 5-10 drops daily within a month. It is better to part a product in a small amount of plain water. Then it is worth taking a small break (2-3 weeks) and again to spend on drink it within a month. For treatment of various diseases the dose should be increased twice, yet there won't occur improvement. For elimination of problems with skin oil should be applied on problem places 2 times a day. At the same time it is better to part a product with water in an equal proportion. At cold or otitis it is necessary to dig in oil of black caraway seeds twice a day on 1 drop. But before it it is better to consult with the doctor.

Oil is black caraway seeds: contraindications

Oil of black caraway seeds can't be abused at all as it, first of all, is a medical product. At non-compliance with a dosage, oil can cause contact dermatitis, food allergy, hypotonia. It is forbidden to use such product during pregnancy and a lactation, after organ transplantation, in interaction with medicines, chemotherapy. It isn't recommended to give it and to children up to 6 years.

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