Polyfoam: how to make it in house conditions

Polyfoam: how to make it in house conditions

Polyfoam can be made and independently, in house conditions. For this purpose even the special equipment is not required. However, the quality such, self-made, polyfoam can be very mediocre.

It is required to you

  • polystyrene


1. To make polyfoam, take many polystyrene balls and fill up their prepared capacity. (These small balls resemble beads superficially).

2. That balls of polystyrene stuck together among themselves, heat them very hot steam. You make heating of balls until they do not begin to be inflated. After balls are inflated, they will come nearer to each other, will stick together and tanks will take the form.

3. After cooling of the turned-out weight, polyfoam can be considered ready. If you made some figure, then extract polyfoam from capacity (capacity at the same time should be sorted or broken). If polyfoam is intended for thermal insulation, then leave it in an interval between walls.

4. To receive real, high-quality, polyfoam, is required to you the special equipment and a workshop. It is the simpler and most favorable to produce carbamide polyfoam. For its production prepare solution, having parted in water of room temperature foaming agent and the catalyst of hardening. Start installation. Fill in foam-forming solution and pitch in capacity. Give compressed air on an entrance. Turn on pumps. Open cranes with the inscriptions "solution" and "pitch". Fill in the received penomassa in special forms. Cut and dry the received polyfoam (for this purpose it can be necessary up to three days).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team