Protivochumny suit: types, rules of removal

Protivochumny suit: types, rules of removal

Plague became the real disaster for mankind in the Middle Ages, and already then the protective suit capable to save so-called "plague doctors" from a disease was thought up. The modern protivochumny suit has nothing in common with medieval analogs, having necessary degree of protection.

History of an antiplague suit

Completely wrapped up in the black uniform hiding all body with fancy "beak" on a face where put officinal herbs and fabric pieces impregnated with broths to save airways, medieval doctors put on iron or leather gloves and examined patients by means of the probe.

Such dangerous image arises in consciousness of the inhabitant at the word "plague". And no wonder: the ancient suit looked extremely unusually and is many times beaten in literature, Gothic subculture and a set of computer games.

But then this protection nevertheless was not sufficient, the infecting agent freely got even through dense fabric. Plague and cholera also mowed down doctors, as well as ordinary people.

Types of a modern antiplague suit

Today the medical personnel use absolutely other type of protection. It is not only about plague, but also about other diseases, deadly to the person. Suits are made of the nonwoven fabrics impenetrable for viruses. Them there are several types.

* The first type – is necessary for inspection and diagnosing of patients with pulmonary plague, is used when opening the patient with plague.

It is set of a hood, a respirator of the third class of protection, overalls, points, rubber boots, an antiplague dressing gown, gloves. For opening it is supplemented with one more pair of gloves and an apron – a necessary precautionary measure.

* The second type – is used at various procedures with sick animals

Set from nonwoven overalls, a medical gown, socks, a hood (or kerchiefs), a boot, gloves, a towel and a medical respirator a minimum of the second degree of protection

* The third type – is necessary in work with the patients suffering from a bubonic or skin form of plague, being on intensive treatment

It is a special pajamas, a wide big kerchief, obligatory rubber gloves and boots (or galoshes) and also socks and a towel.

* The fourth type – a set for the procedures made with patients sick with cholera, which are on treatment

Pajamas, over it a medical gown, special slippers and a hat. When holding contact procedures it is supplemented with gloves or if it is necessary, a mask.

Each set scrupulously is selected by the size to provide a dense adherence of protective covers and usability.

Rules of removal

The protective set is removed in the separate room or in the same place where underwent medical procedures with patients, along with disinfecting.

In the room establish containers with disinfecting solutions

  • The big tank intended for sterilization of a kerchief, a towel, and large parts – overalls, a dressing gown.
  • Big deep cup with liquid for hands.
  • For sterilization of points and tools – a cup with alcohol.
  • Capacity for disinfection of a mask (usually this 40-minute boiling in soap water).

Set components carefully process the disinfecting means and lower in the disinfecting solution completely.

The suit is required to be taken off carefully and very slowly, having excluded contact of skin with its surfaces. After removal of the next detail of a hand it is necessary to immerse in solution for a while.

The set is removed by strict rules.

The hands dressed in gloves are washed out in disinfecting solution. Slowly taken out towel carefully plunges into a tank.

Again washing of hands, then is carefully wiped with a tampon an apron and also slowly is removed. An apron, as well as all subsequent parts, it is necessary to turn an external surface inside.

The following step is to take off the last pair of gloves, having also wrapped the outer side and having shipped them then in disinfecting solution.

Further – obligatory washing of hands, plentiful rubbing of boots the disinfecting solution by means of tampons. Then glasses which delay forward are removed and up, at all without touching a surface. Ties of overalls (dressing gown) are dismissed, he slowly acts, having wrapped an external surface, falls to a tank.

Carefully the kerchief which ends gather behind one hand is removed.

Then, having rinsed hands in disinfecting solution again, it is necessary to take off slowly gloves and at once to check them in the disinfecting liquid for integrity.

Legs in protective boots slowly immerse in a tank with the disinfecting liquid, and then take off boots.

After liberation from a protective suit it is necessary to wash up carefully hands and to take a shower.

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