Punctuation marks at the union ""as"

Punctuation marks at the union ""as"

Competent writing of offers – one of signs of education and level of culture therefore each person has to seek for the best mastering the Russian speech. Isolation of the union "as" a comma for many represents a problem in this connection studying a number of rules will help to acquire the correct arrangement of punctuation marks.


1. All parenthesises and designs are selected from two parties with commas. It concerns also turns which part is "as": "as a rule", "as a result". For example: "It, as always, was late"; "The woman, as if on purpose, left at home the umbrella". Before "as" the comma is also put if it divides two parts of a complex sentence: "Mom never learns how her son shirked school"; "The hunter long stood and looked how the elk leaves safe and sound".

2. A comparative turn is a circumstance and stands apart commas from two parties: "The pigeon long beat about the bush and looked after a turtle-dove as the most true gentleman"; "It jumped high as the mountain fallow deer, and literally flew through a crossbeam". This design begins with a punctuation mark and comes to an end with it even then when the main offer goes after it: "From above, as the relentless elements, the falcon dived".

3. A turn with "as" can act also as an adverbial modifier of manner, and in this case the comma before it is not put: "The horse flew as an arrow and on the line of the finish overtook the favourite on the half-heads". Despite complexity of distinction of these two categories, an adverbial modifier of manner it is possible to learn if mentally to replace a word form with "as" with similar: "The horse flew like an arrow and on the line of the finish overtook the favourite on the half-heads". "As the arrow" is an integral part of a predicate and at analysis of the offer together with a verb is emphasized with double line.

4. Phraseological units turned into indivisible phrases and became one part of speech therefore a comma they do not stand apart: "Children grow by leaps and bounds", "He drank linden infusion, and cold it vanished as if by magic". Besides them also difficult predicates which can include not only adverbial modifiers of manner, but also comparisons became unseparable: "She came as the guest, and became the irreplaceable family member".

5. If the subject and a predicate belong to one part of speech, then between them the dash is put. However it can be replaced with the word "as": "Sky as sea", "Breeze as whiff of freshness". If the offer to continue, then a turn turns into comparison and will be selected with commas: "The sky as the sea, was azure and clean". Denial or presence of particles "exactly", "almost", "absolutely" delete a comma even if it on sense has to stand: "The daughter does everything not as it is necessary", "On evening of meetings they sat at school desks just as twenty years ago".

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team