Recipes of light New Year's salads

Recipes of light New Year's salads

The most favourite holiday is celebrated in the winter therefore the table, as a rule, bursts with rich heavy dishes. However it is worth putting light New Year's salad nearby, and it will instantly disperse on plates. Surely make such food, and you not only diversify the festive menu, but also you will help digestion and, perhaps, you will avoid a set of extra kilos.

Carrot nuts and ginger salad


- 4 carrots; - 4 walnuts;

- 3 cm of a root of ginger; - 2 sweet-sour apples; - 20 g of honey; - 30 ml of lemon juice; - 70 ml of olive oil. Clean a root of ginger and rub it on a small grater. Pound kernels of walnuts in a mortar or the coffee grinder. Cut off a peel from apple, cut out cores, cut fruit pulp with straws. Largely grate carrots. Connect all prepared products in a beautiful salad bowl. Shake up separately honey, lemon juice and olive oil and fill with this mix salad.

Light New Year's salad with citruses

Ingredients: - 2 oranges; - 2.5 tangerines; - lemon quarter; - 4-5 leaves of a green or Chinese salad; - 70 g of cheese with a blue mold, for example, Dorblu; - 2 tsps of a refiner syrup; - 50 ml of olive oil. Exempt oranges and two tangerines from skins and separate juicy segments from dividing films. Cut cheese on small cubes. Squeeze out juice of a half of tangerine and a quarter of a lemon. Mix them to uniformity with olive oil and sugar. Wash up and dry up lettuce leaves, tear them fingers and lay a flat dish. Lay out from above slices of citruses, cheese and pour dressing.

Juicy low-calorie salad for a New Year's table

Ingredients: - 2 sweet-sour apples; - 2 stalks of a celery; - 150 g of a hard unsweetened cheese; - half of lemon; - 100 g of a low-fat natural yoghourt; - 30 ml of olive oil; - 40 g of walnuts; - on 1/3 tsps of a turmeric and ground allspice; - 20 g of parsley; - salt. Cut the apples scraped seeds on triangular slices and sprinkle them lemon juice. Crush stalks of a celery and leaves of parsley. Grate cheese. Put everything in deep capacity. Vent yogurt with olive oil, spices and salt and fill in with the turned-out bright yellow sauce other components of salad. Strew it with walnuts before the giving.

Festive shrimps salad

Ingredients: - 400 g of the cleaned cooked and frozen shrimps; - small red bulb; - 150 g of olives without stones; - 2 tomatoes; - paprika; - mature avocado; - lemon; - lime; - 25 ml of apple cider vinegar; - salt. Boil water, dissolve in it a little salt and scald the defrozen shrimps, cast away them on a colander. Small chop a bulb and pickle it in vinegar for 10 minutes. Cut tomatoes and paprika on cubes, olives and shrimps – on quarters. Mash a fork pulp of avocado and sprinkle lemon juice to keep green color. Mix everything in a big bowl, pour the remained lemon juice, juice of a lime there and salt to taste.

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