Seafood cocktail salad - the recipe

Seafood cocktail salad - the recipe

Seafood cocktail salad – simple in preparation and a dish, available on money, at the same time it is safely possible to call it delicious. Various sea reptiles who infrequently enter a diet of the ordinary person are a part of such mix.

What is seafood cocktail and as to use it

Seafood cocktail is a mix of seafood among which there are shrimps, mussels, squids and octopuses. This product is very useful as it contains a high share of amino acids, more than 30 minerals and also A, D and E vitamins. The dish prepared with seafood will be delivered not only pleasure, but also will bring benefit to your organism.

In shops, seafood cocktails meet in the frozen look therefore before using them as a basis for delicious dishes, it is worth carrying out a certain work.

First of all it is necessary to defreeze seafood cocktail and several minutes to take in the boiling water of 3-5 minutes. You can also steam seafood in a frying pan – fill in sea mix with water, and on average fire evaporate water. As soon as water evaporates from a frying pan, it is possible to start use of seafood. It is also possible to place seafood cocktail in cold water and to cook about 15 minutes. Buying the frozen seafood cocktail, pay attention to a way of its freezing, it is the best of all if seafood is frozen by a shock method. Important nuance – in a package there shouldn't be ice or snow, it is possible to define their existence by compression of a package. If at packing compression you hear a crunch, it means that the product was frozen several times therefore it is worth refusing purchase of such cocktail.

Seafood cocktail salads

Seafood is perfectly combined with many fruit and vegetables and also with spaghetti and rice therefore you can make simple and useful salads, combining various ingredients in one plate. For example, for preparation, perhaps, of the simplest salad it will be required to you: mix of seafood cocktail – 1 package, lettuce leaves, a lemon, olive oil – 3 tablespoons, salt and pepper. Connect boiled seafood to leaves of a green salad, as gas station use the olive oil mixed with lemon juice, you salt and you pepper to the taste. On preparation of salad (taking into account heat treatment of seafood cocktail) no more than 15 minutes will leave. Such salad can be diluted with vegetables, for example, tomatoes, cucumbers or avocado. As gas station for seafood salads not only sauces on the basis of olive oil, but also sour cream, mayonnaise or mustard can serve. One more recipe of salad from seafood cocktail consists of the following ingredients: seafood cocktail – 1 package, lettuce leaves, garlic – 3 cloves, a paprika, olive oil and mayonnaise – 3 tablespoons. Boil thoroughly seafood cocktail together with a black pepper for several minutes, drain water and dry a delicacy. Cut sweet pepper into cubes, mix with seafood. Separately shake up mayonnaise with olive oil, add there and the pressed garlic. On a dish lay out lettuce leaves, on them – seafood with pepper. From above fill in salad with the made sauce.

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