Simple mix from vegetables for the winter

Simple mix from vegetables for the winter

If you had various vegetables after house preparations, then it is possible to use them as a basis for preparation of mixed vegetables. The cauliflower, paprikas, tomatoes, onions, carrots, etc. will be suitable for this recipe. Such preparation is very universal and demands many efforts. The recipe is calculated on 1 bank of 3 liters.

It is required to you

  • – fresh cucumbers (5 pieces);
  • – brown tomatoes (3 pieces);
  • – fresh onions (2 pieces);
  • – garlic (3 cloves);
  • – paprika (2 pieces);
  • – parsley root;
  • – horse-radish root (1 piece);
  • – celery root (1 piece);
  • – fresh cauliflower (400 g);
  • – granulated sugar (3.5 tablespoons);
  • – salt food (1.5 tablespoons);
  • – apple cider vinegar (120 ml);
  • – bell pepper to taste.


1. Prepare previously all vegetables. For this purpose carefully wash out cucumbers and tomatoes. Remove external pollution by means of a sharp knife. Further crush tomatoes and cucumbers in any form.

2. Also well wash out pepper and remove a fruit stem then clean off pepper from all seeds. Crush vegetable into small pieces.

3. Wash up roots of horse-radish, a celery and parsley under flowing water. Cut off a peel a knife and cut roots in the form of small bars. Also it is necessary to peel onions and garlic then to crush by means of the blender.

4. The cauliflower demands special preparation. Remove excess leaves from a head of cabbage, divide into small inflorescences, place in the added some salt water. Leave cabbage in water for 15-20 minutes, and then drain excess water in a colander.

5. The next stage – sterilization of cans for preparation. It can be done any in the way, convenient for you. After sterilization put various vegetables in each can. As layers use mix from parsley, horse-radish, garlic and a celery. If in bank emptiness were formed, then it is possible to fill them with cauliflower inflorescences.

6. For marinade it is necessary to put necessary ingredients in hot water, and then to bring to the boil on slow fire. After 20 minutes of cooking of marinade add vinegar.

7. Still fill in warm vegetables with the turned-out marinade to a neck. Each can clean covers also deliver to Zakuporta a baking plate a dense blanket for cooling.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team