Smoking shed of cold smoking by the hands

Smoking shed of cold smoking by the hands

Smoked products – that can be more tasty! Many handymen do smoking sheds cold and hot smoking by the hands not to pay the fabulous price for goodies, to train them from eco-friendly products in the safe way. How to make the smoking shed with own hands? Actually it is quite simple, and it can cope with a task even to those who have no experience neither in construction, nor in designing.

The smoking shed of cold smoking – quite simple device, and it is possible to make it with own hands. The main thing is to understand the principle of its functioning, to prepare necessary materials and consumables, to have a small free corner on a personal plot or the house adjoining territory, well and, of course, desire to make the smoking shed of cold smoking with own hands.

Principle of work of the smoking shed of cold smoking

The main objective of cold smoking is not heat treatment of a product, but saturation of its structure fragrant smoke. The design has to heat and fumigate the products placed in it evenly.

Temperature in the camera of the smoking shed shouldn't be higher 20-30C. Only this temperature condition allows meat, to fish, cheeses and other products to absorb a maximum of aromatic substances from the firewood burned in a furnace compartment.

The flue of the smoking shed of cold smoking is equipped in such a way that its so-called "charcoal" (harmful) components settle, without getting to the main camera of the device. Designs of industrial function don't provide such effect, that is it is better to cook smoked products in the devices made with own hands.

The smoking camera "produces" fragrant smoke not at once, and delays it for some time. Products before smoking, as a rule, prosalivatsya or boiled, depending on to what type they belong. For each "source code" there is the step-by-step recipe of preparation for cold smoking.

Basic elements of the smoking shed of cold smoking

Similar devices can be mobile (figurative), stationary which are established on a personal plot or the house adjoining territory and are used all the year round, marching – consisting of prefabricated elements. Make with own hands of any of options rather simply. Basic elements of the cold smoking shed:

  • burning camera,
  • the extended flue,
  • smoking shed.

The burning camera on a vernacular is called "smoke generator". It needs to be known that who decided to make the cold smoking shed with own hands to understand the scheme of construction. It is possible to find such schemes both in printing, and in online editions.

The flue for cold smoking has to be, at least, 2 meters long. Experts recommend to do it from 2 to 2.5 m. And the simple flute, the deepening in soil covered with slate or the sheet of iron can carry out its role. It is better not to use plastic for these purposes – it can emit harmful vapors when heating.

The cold-smoking room can be made of an old barrel, the obsolete fridge, its cases are more right, to construct of old boards and other improvised materials. The photo of possible options can be found in network go printing editions.

Materials for production of the cold smoking shed the hands

In this plan it is possible not to limit flight of the imagination and to use any materials which are near at hand. It is possible to make the smoking shed of cold smoking with own hands from

  • residues of wooden building materials (will be suitable for assemblage of the camera),
  • iron pipes (for a flue),
  • old barrels, the case from the fridge or the machine automatic machine,
  • ordinary brick or foam concrete blocks.

The most important – at assemblage of elements in a uniform design to observe the technology recommended by experts – distance between the camera of burning and a smoking oven not less than 2 meters, the smoking oven has to stand slightly above the camera where firewood burns down, smoke has to come out a design gradually.

How to make the smoking shed of cold smoking with own hands – the step-by-step instruction

The very first step in the course of construction of the cold smoking shed – creation of the project, drawings of the device. It is impossible to pass this stage at all – the functionality of a design depends on it.

After the project is framed, the sizes of all elements are counted, it is possible to prepare materials for construction. And it is necessary to prepare not only materials, but also consumables are mixes for preparation of solutions (if the design is from a brick or foam concrete blocks), nails or self-tapping screws (if the smoking shed is from a tree), pipes for a flue.

Step-by-step instruction for construction of the smoking shed of cold smoking by the hands:

  • digging or arrangement of the furnace camera,
  • laying of a flue,
  • assemblage of the smoking camera,
  • adjustment and connection of all elements.

It is very important to provide tight connection of a flue with basic elements – furnace and smoking cameras. It will exclude a smoke exit, will provide high-quality smoking, the products will turn out evenly prokopchenny and fragrant.

What can be smoked cold-process

In cold smoking sheds it is possible to process any products – meat, fish, cheeses, sausages and even vegetables. The only requirement – products have to be correctly prepared for smoking. The most popular of them are, of course, meat and fish semi-finished products. Experts recommend to prepare them for smoking in two ways – to salt or pickle.

Optimal and most successful variant – classical salting. It is recommended to use the brine prepared in the following proportions - 40 g of salt on 1 l of water. It is necessary mature not less than 4 days meat or fish in such brine. It is possible to add spicy herbs, garlic and other seasonings to a brine.

After the product is salted, it is slightly dried – suspend, allow a brine to flow down completely, slightly dried. And after it it is possible to smoke the prepared fish or meat. Stage-by-stage recipes of smoking, the recommendation about the choice of firewood is much.

Home-made sausages before smoking in the cold smoking shed are recommended to be boiled or to prosalivat well to exclude their damage, to provide longer keeping limit of a ready-made product. The value of such sausages not in their caloric content, and in original gustatory qualities. The single portion of smoking depends on the sizes of the main camera.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team