Some features of the Czech beer

Some features of the Czech beer

Beer is one of the most widespread alcoholic beverages. Moderate consumption of beer is capable not only to lighten the person the mood, but also to surprise with the quality. The Czech beer is the real classical light alcoholic drink which pleases gourmets with the excellence.

The brewer's profession in the Czech Republic one of the most dear. Therefore not casually Czech beer has many admirers and abroad.

In the Czech Republic a huge number of plantations of hop which inflorescences are the main component of the real quality beer. It is a peculiar specific feature of the country which leaves the mark on production of the Czech beer.  

The quality of the Czech hop is so high that it is bought by breweries worldwide. Depending on the place of growth of hop, the Czech beer can differ on the gustatory qualities and high-quality accessory.

Malt – one more making the real Czech beer. Malt is made of barley and other grain crops. For the Czech breweries in the country huge plantations of barley are grown up. So it developed that climatic conditions of the Czech Republic are most favorable for growth of culture of this type.

Water – the last, but not less important component. For production of the Czech beer only quality deep-well water, from deep underground waters undertakes. The mineral substances which are a part of water from wells impact to beer a peculiar, pleasant relish.

In conclusion it should be noted that centuries-old traditions of brewing and carefully observed compounding of the Czech beer for centuries cause permanently high quality and excellent taste of this drink.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team