Stuffed drying - original and tasty snack

Stuffed drying - original and tasty snack

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All of us got used that drying is an addition to a tea drinking. But the unusual recipe of the stuffed sushka will prove that it is a universal product which is also well combined with meat and cheese.

Preparation of the unusual stuffed sushka will require the following products:

- 30 unsweetened sushka

- 400 grams of any mincemeat

- 150-200 grams of cheese

- one crude egg

- glass of milk

- salt and pepper

- couple of garlic gloves

- 2-3 tablespoons of mayonnaise

We prepare stuffed drying:

1. In a bowl to pour out milk and to place in it drying that they became softer. For this purpose from three to five hours will be required. Strongly firm drying it is possible to wet in milk on all night long.

2. We prepare a stuffing: we mix forcemeat with the crushed garlic, salt, spices and egg.

3. Soft drying it is necessary to lay out on the baking tray laid by parchment.

4. To put meat stuffing in each drying.

5. Mix mayonnaise with small polished hard cheese.

6. From above forcemeat to lay out approximately on a cheese teaspoon with mayonnaise.

7. Drying it is necessary to bake in an oven about 35 minutes (to a ruddy crust). Temperature in an oven - 170-200 degrees.

Original and simple snack will be suitable both for every day, and for a holiday table, for example, of New Year's. The dish with sushka can be decorated with greens branches. 

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