Tasty goroshnitsa in the multicooker

Tasty goroshnitsa in the multicooker

Goroshnitsa is considered a popular garnish as it isn't bad combined with meat and any vegetables. In this recipe peas are cooked in the multicooker. So it boils soft and becomes better than a croup especially gentle.

It is required to you

  • – peas (240 g);
  • – fresh carrots (1 piece);
  • – fresh fennel (20 g);
  • – garlic to taste;
  • – olive oil (5 g);
  • – salt to taste.


1. Previously it is necessary to wash out well peas, having shifted in a colander or a deep bowl. If grain qualitative, then water when washing does strongly not grow turbid. Lay out already clean peas in the multicooker and add water which has to be 2-5 cm higher than some grain.

2. Leave grain for preparation in the closed multicooker. Further wash out fennel, carrots, and garlic clean from a peel. From carrots remove a thin skin by means of a sharp knife, rub on a small grater. Cut garlic with small pieces. Also cut fennel on small pieces then mix fennel with garlic.

3. Open the multicooker and taste peas. All other ingredients should be added when grain is semi-soft. Put carrots, then fennel and garlic in the multicooker. Mix. Again close a cover of the multicooker and prepare within 10-12 minutes. Don't forget to add water if necessary.

4. At the end of cooking of a goroshnitsa add salt to taste. Don't forget that peas absorb salt very quickly. Therefore you shouldn't salt grain excessively.

5. Add olive oil right at the end and carefully mix a dish. Lay out a goroshnitsa on flat plates, serve a fresh vegetables or any meat.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team