The correct processing of strawberry before consumption

It would seem what difficult is in just to wash svezhekuplenny or fresh-gathered strawberry? It is so elementary! Only it is also necessary that the crane with water and clean ware. But it appears, here not everything is so simple.

It is no secret, that strawberry is very low located to the earth. And from it not only the earth and microbes and bacteria living in it represent danger to a human body, but also rodents and birds become our enemies. The rodents running by can supply berry with the most various bouquet of bacteria and infections. As to struggle with all this infection? There are several methods.

First of all, to peel strawberry berries from bacteria, they need to be put in the container with warm water, having added solution of three-percent peroxide of hydrogen, or a table vinegar. In this mix there will be quite enough ten minutes to disinfect berries. 

It is also well-known that at the industrial enterprises strawberry is usually processed wax in order that it looked presentably. It is much more beautiful when it lies equal, smooth, brilliant and bright, than withered, dark and rumpled. Many people just "are also "bought" on very presentation, without thinking of in what way sellers achieved such result. And wax in turn not only poisons a human body, but also can cause the strongest allergic reactions. It depends, of course, on specific features, but also the quantity matters. Having eaten for once, for example, two kilograms (and it is possible) the strawberry processed by wax, even the healthy person can fall a victim of a severe allergy or general poisoning. Especially it concerns children at whom the organism is still not up to the end created, and the immune system isn't strengthened properly.

Will help wash away a layer of wax or paraffin from strawberry warm soap solution. Here the main thing is not to be fond and not to be overzealous, otherwise from long stay in warm water strawberry will lose taste, color and aroma and will simply scald, having lost at the same time all vitamins.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team