The Italian sauce gas station for salad

The Italian sauce gas station for salad

Usually we fill green salads with traditional sauces – sour cream, oil, mayonnaise … But, you see, sometimes there is a wish to diversify taste of favourite salad. At some Italian restaurants, salads fill with a spicy brown sauce. I analyzed taste of such sauce and tried to define its structure to prepare houses. As a result at me it turned out exclusively tasty, juicy, and, above all – useful sauce gas station from available products, without chemistry and fragrances. Sauce for the real gourmets!

It will be necessary for us: – soy-bean sauce (100 ml); – small root of ginger (50-70 гр.); – sugar (1 tablespoon);

– unrefined olive oil (2 tablespoons); – lemon (1/3).

1. We squeeze out juice from 1/3 lemon.2. We wash and clean a ginger root by means of the potato peeler, we rub it on a small grater, we add lemon juice and we mix.

3. From the turned-out weight we merge and we filter juice in a small saucepan or a frying pan – it is convenient to do it by means of a tablespoon; it is possible to use a strainer.

4. We add a soy-bean sauce, olive oil and sugar to ginger lemon juice, we put a pan on slow fire. Now the main thing – without allowing boiling, constantly stirring slowly, to evaporate sauce, having brought its consistence to a condition of liquid caramel.5. After sauce is ready, it needs to be poured in a sauce tureen, to cool and put in the fridge. This Italian sauce is ideal for a green and vegetable salad. It can also be given to fish or rice. To receive less sharp taste, it is possible to merge juice from polished ginger, and to mix cake with a soy-bean sauce and sugar, then to wring out and filter. And the remained ginger juice can be used for preparation of ginger tea or other dishes. Enjoy your meal!

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team