The recipe of salad from a red salted fish

The recipe of salad from a red salted fish

The red salted fish is an excellent component for salads. Red fish salads turn out nutritive, but at the same time light and gentle. If for their gas station to take vegetable oil, then they will be suitable also for an invalid cookery.

Salad from salted red fish with cheese and gherkins

To make this salad, it will be required to you: - 250 g of fillet of salted red fish;

- 2 boiled eggs; - 2 boiled carrots; - 5 tablespoons of a grated hard cheese; - 2 boiled potatoes; - 1 red bulb; - gas station – mayonnaise or sour cream; - 4 marinated gherkins.

Grate boiled eggs and lay out them on a dish, from above grease with a small amount of gas station. Lay out a layer of small cut onions on eggs and again slightly miss the mark with mayonnaise or sour cream. Over this layer place the red fish cut in cubes, once again grease with gas station. The following layer – the grated potatoes, further gas station, then go cheese and grated carrots. From above again grease salad and decorate with the gherkins cut by thin circles. Put a ready-to-eat meal before giving on a table in the fridge for half an hour for impregnation.

Fish salad "Exotic"

For light salad with a pungent flavor it will be required to you: - 100 g of fillet of a salmon; - 1 kiwis; - 1 paprika; - 0.5 pieces of onions; - 1 tablespoons of lemon juice; - 1 tablespoons of olive oil; - 1 pinch of sugar; - salt to taste; - a black sprinkling pepper to taste; - parsley branches. Cut with a sharp knife a salmon on thin identical slices. Clean from a seed box a paprika and cut him with straws. Cut onions almost transparent half rings, the kiwi should be cut small into cubes. Connect lemon juice to olive oil, add sugar, salt and a sprinkling pepper to mix. Carefully stir and slightly shake up gas station for salad. Mix a paprika, a kiwi and onions, lay out on a plate and pour dressing. Decorate a dish with slices of a salmon and branches of parsley.

Fresh-salted humpback salmon and Beijing cabbage salad

This low-calorie salad – the real find for those who adhere to healthy food. For a dish take the following products: - 200 g of the Beijing cabbage; - 200 g of a leaf lettuce; - 200 g of a salty humpback salmon; - 1 red bulb; - 1 small fresh carrots; - small bunch of parsley; - chili powder to taste; - salt; - 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil; - 2 tablespoons of lemon juice. Largely cut salad and the Beijing cabbage, cut a humpback salmon straws, a bulb thin rings, grate carrots. Put ingredients in one bowl, add chopped parsley, accurately mix. Connect lemon juice, oil, salt and pepper, shake up, fill in with the turned-out gas station salad.

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