Three salads without mayonnaise by New year

Three salads without mayonnaise by New year

For seasoning of salads it is optional to use fat mayonnaise: there are much more useful and light sauces which give to salads new shades of taste.

Beet prunes salad


  • beet — 2 pieces;
  • garlic — 2 cloves;
  • prunes — 5–10 pieces;
  • sunflower oil — 2–3 tablespoons;
  • salt, sugar, lemon juice.

Equipment: plate, pans, grater, bowls, knife, cutting board.

In 100 g of this salad 61 kcal contain

Boil beet within 40–60 minutes, depending on the size. Fill in prunes with cool water for 10–20 minutes, it is better not to take too dry dried fruits.

Cut the cooled-down beet in oblong cubes or rub on a large grater. Cut prunes straws, mix with beet.

Mix oil, garlic, lemon juice and dry components. Fill salad.

When giving on a table it is possible to add greens.

Chicken and pineapples salad


  • chicken fillet — 200 g;
  • hard cheese — 100 g;
  • pineapples tinned — 300 g;
  • fennel — 15 g;
  • eggs — 3 pieces;
  • sour cream — 200 g;
  • garlic — 1 clove;
  • corn tinned — 1 bank;
  • salt, pepper.

Equipment: plate, pan, garlic press, knife, cutting board.

Boil chicken breast, having added bell pepper to broth. Divide ready chicken along fibers, cut on pieces. Cut pineapples in cubes. Weld, crush eggs. Mix all ingredients.

In a bowl to mix sour cream and pounded garlic, to salt. Water with this sauce salad, strew from above with cheese and fennel.

Chicken and haricot salad


  • chicken fillet — 200 g;
  • green paprika — 100 g;
  • tomatoes — 100 g;
  • the red beans preserved — 200 g;
  • corn tinned — 150 g;
  • onions — 1 piece;
  • garlic — 1 clove;
  • olive oil — 2 tablespoons;
  • parsley — 50 g;
  • vinegar, honey, mustard, salt.

Equipment: a plate, a pan, a knife, a cutting board, a dish for salad.

Cook chicken fillet. Cut in cubes chicken, tomatoes, a paprika. Crush onions so that it wasn't felt in a ready-to-eat meal. Add haricot and corn.

Crush parsley and garlic, to fill in with oil, to add mustard, honey and vinegar. It is possible to regulate sweet of salad honey. Fill salad with juicy sauce, mix. If there is a wish more hot dish, to add pepper and fresh ginger.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team