Turmeric: useful properties and contraindications, advantage and harm

Turmeric: useful properties and contraindications, advantage and harm

Turmeric – a plant from family ginger which grows in the south of India. Other names – turmeric, "a yellow root". More than four dozen types of this plant are used in the food industry and cookery. Useful properties of a turmeric do it by popular folk remedy.

Turmeric: general information

To Europe the turmeric was delivered by the Arab dealers at the time of the Middle Ages. It was called then "the Indian saffron". It is necessary to know that the turmeric and a saffron are different spices. The saffron represents dried components of flowers of a crocus whereas the turmeric is a rhizome.

The turmeric, as well as ginger, bears in themselves all main minerals (iron, phosphorus, iodine, calcium). They contain here in very small doses. As a part of a plant there are also components which make the curing impact on a human body. It is about essential oils. Among components of a turmeric curcumine is of particular importance. It also gives to a product bright yellow color. From curcumine make food supplement which finds application at production of cheese, butter, yogurts, margarine.

Physicians are interested in component composition of turmeric long ago. It became clear that the plants of substance which are a part are capable to oppress tumor cells, without affecting healthy. The use of medicines on the basis of a turmeric prevents developing of malignancies. Scientists assume that the plant it can stop growth of new blood vessels in tumors.

Turmeric: useful properties and their application in the medical purposes

The plant is a natural anti-septic tank and means with antibacterial action. Turmeric is often applied to disinfection of burns and cuts. This powerful tool which is helping with cases of inflammations and not giving at the same time side effects. The correct application of a turmeric facilitates a condition of patients at an itch, psoriasis, eczema. Tightens wounds and promotes updating of the affected skin.

The turmeric stops development of a melanoma, destroying the cages created it.

In combination with a cauliflower the turmeric prevents development of a prostate cancer and solves some other problems of male health.

The plant is considered also natural detoksikant of a liver, stops development of Alzheimer's disease, deleting deposits of amyloid plaques in a brain. Administration of drugs on the basis of a turmeric well stimulates brain activity and destroys hazardous substances which can block work of a brain.

The turmeric reduces risk of emergence at children of leukemia.

In east and traditional medicine the turmeric is used as antidepressant.

One more direction of application of a turmeric – treatment of arthritis.

Good results on influence of medicines from a turmeric on a pancreatic cancer are received.

Scientists proved that the turmeric can be applied at treatment of diseases of a liver and diseases of the digestive system. Curcumine actively participates in stimulation of a gall bladder therefore it with success is applied at an abdominal distension and at the raised office of gases.

The turmeric normalizes arterial blood pressure, reduces cholesterol level, removes heartburn. It in combination with warm water is accepted at the increased temperature.

Ancient India used a turmeric in cosmetology and for cleaning of an organism as she is capable to rejuvenate an organism. It is powerful antioxidant and a natural antibiotic. The turmeric is recommended to those who have obesity or diabetes. That the plant fully showed the properties, the person has to accept it within several days.

Turmeric: harm and contraindications

The advantage of a turmeric is undoubted. But this plant is capable to make very powerful impact on a human body. A turmeric it isn't necessary to take other medicines in parallel with reception. Those who has chronic diseases before the use of turmeric need to consult with the attending physician. Find out whether you have an allergy to this product.

One of obvious contraindications – stones in a gall bladder. If you clogged biliary tract, on the basis of a turmeric it is necessary to refuse administration of drugs. It can be dangerous. It is necessary to use other means for prevention.

You remember sense of proportion. In small quantities it is useful to accept a turmeric, it can improve a condition of an organism. But at overdose, adverse effects are quite possible.

Turmeric and cookery

Turmeric has spicy, slightly burning taste. Seasoning from this plant is capable to prolong an expiration date of many products, it does them by fresher. The small pinch of a turmeric will give to a dish unique aroma and bright gustatory qualities. For this reason turmeric powder is widely used in preparation of sauces and marinades.

Dye curcumine allows to use a plant for giving of bright coloring to cheeses, oil, margarine, pastries. Food with a turmeric will gain gentle yellow color.

The turmeric is quite often added to liqueurs and other alcoholic beverages, to a mustard sauce, to loose mixes.

Being full-fledged spice, the turmeric will perfectly add vegetable, meat and fish dishes, diversifies your food. The set of recipes with application of a turmeric is known. Dishes with turmeric can be prepared every day.

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