Uniqueness as the driving beginning

Uniqueness as the driving beginning

Today there is a set of versions of adoption of the fundamental principles in development of the Universe. In the list other the theory of "justification of a mistake" can be considered as the most acceptable. The universe, actually, in the imperfection underlay the basic principle of development. However there are also other opinions in this respect relying only on variety of forms of matter and life.

In view of the fact that the Universe evolves in all the aspects micro and a macrocosmos because of the imperfection the statement about a mistake as the driving beginning of its development appeared. However in this respect there are also alternative denials. The world in the condition of total perfection when, for example, mutations of an organic life form become impossible because the maximum threshold of development of the existing types was implemented, can go on the way of increase in these types. That is, in this context there is a wish to reveal such aspect as uniqueness. And already it (aspect of uniqueness) in the manifestation will begin to expand the universe horizons, so to speak.

The uniqueness creates variety of forms of matter

It is obvious that the Universe in all the forms can develop only due to improvement. At a stop of this process matter will finish the movement and there will come her "death". These reasonings can fully be presented on the example of comparison of the concepts "chaos" and "order". In the traditional perception by conscious function of the person the Universe is in the certain condition of matter balanced in each timepoint.

That is, fundamental matter (microcosm) and matter outside borders of the shown Universe (macrocosmos) is the embodiment of chaos. And everything that is in the shown Universe (macrocosmos) and at the level of "conditionally above" fundamental (microcosm), it is possible to carry with full confidence to ordered matter. Thus, the existing balance of an order and chaos which has quite notable borders of interaction is available.

These space-time limits of material aspect of the Universe constantly change as process of its development means the continuous movement. And the principle underlain in CU (code of the Universe) has to provide this movement with a full guarantee of safe development. Of course, conscious function of the person could analyze at the level those numerous mistakes in development, both organic life forms, and mineral. And on the surface of reasonings there is an obvious conclusion that the mistake or imperfection forces matter to change constantly.

However you should not forget that the Universe is non-uniform and all principles of interaction of matter realized today by the person only reflect its shown aspects at the level of our understanding. And for deep awareness of the principles underlain in KV it is necessary to be discharged of a habitual empirichny way of a research and to address such serious version of the analysis as logic. Logical principle allows to open sacrality of the universe, learning laws of interaction of matter quite clear to conscious function of the person.

And here the key moment of these reasonings is also put. The logic inevitably prompts that a variety of perfect forms of matter, including also thin energy of intelligent life, has to be the true point of development of the universe. And in this context only the principle of uniqueness can correspond to effective implementation of this task, certainly. At identity of forms of matter it has to "collapse" as, for example, imposing of two optical images at each other. This principle, by the way, can be taken as a basis of creation of spatial and temporary ports. But today collective intelligence of mankind is not ready to solve such global problems yet.

Contribution of a reasonable basis to development of the Universe

Proceeding from the fact that the uniqueness is the real driving beginning of the universe a conclusion which forces any individual and all society to apply all available resources in this direction follows. So, each carrier of conscious function has to make a feasible contribution to creation of unique products from all spheres of the activity in which he can consider himself the most effective. And the uniqueness in this sense has nothing in common with the chaotic action directed only to originality and a creative.

Thus, the unique product has to correspond to the concept "perfection" as much as possible. That is, the thematic result means quality product excluding a mistake.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team