Unusual garnishes

Unusual garnishes

Pasta, potato, rice – a standard set of garnishes which the average hostess daily prepares for lunch or a dinner. Let's try to diversify the repertoire and to prepare on a garnish for meat or fish something new and unusual.

1. Carrots with egg. On 4 large carrots 2 eggs are required. We peel carrots and we boil to semi-readiness, we cut a small cube or straws; it is possible to use the vegetable cutter. Eggs we cook hard-boiled, we clean and we crush. Slightly we roast the cut carrots and we warm up minutes 10 in a frying pan with a desi (2 tablespoons) and I will merge. Right at the end we add the crushed eggs, well we mix. Tasty and in hot, and cold.

2. Vegetables in beer batter. In beer batter very tasty it turns out the cauliflowers and broccolis sorted on inflorescences and blanched 5 minutes in boiled water; also the frozen cabbage boiled within 3-5 minutes in the added some salt water will approach. Besides, it is possible to prepare in batter circles of carrots, squash, petals of onions, segment tomato, etc. Batter can be made both without eggs, and with them – who as loves. 1 glass of light beer, 1 glass of flour and a pinch of salt is required; if we add egg to batter, then beer we take slightly less – ¾ a glass. If dough is thinnish, we add the necessary amount of flour. We mix everything the mixer and at once we begin to cook vegetables. We warm in a pan a lot of vegetable oil (hot fan), we pick up a fork one vegetable piece, we dip it in batter and it is carefully immersed in the boiling oil. We act with several pieces this way – by the frying pan size that they floated freely and didn't stick together with each other. We fry, overturning, 3-5 minutes to a ruddy crust. We spread on a colander or a paper towel to remove excess fat, and at once we fill a frying pan with a new portion of vegetables. When giving on a table we decorate with chopped greens, it is possible to water with sour cream.

3. Potatoes in a rural. For this garnish we take clean and equal potatoes. We kill him for 1 hour in cold water, and then carefully we wash out a brush. Without cleaning, we cut lengthways in half, then we cut each half on four segments. We put all segments in a low dish for pastries, we salt, a large number of fragrant spices – it is possible to take ready sets of spices, for example, for potatoes or for the French or Italian dishes, it is possible to make a bouquet of spices, and it is possible to be limited to a black sprinkling pepper – to taste. We fray hands potatoes with salt and spices, then we water evenly on all surface with vegetable oil (about 5 tablespoons on 1 kg of potatoes), once again we mix and we put in a hot oven. We bake 15 minutes, then we get, we mix, again we put in an oven and we bake until ready (we check by means of a puncture a knife – if it entered easily, then potato is ready). On a table we give in the same form in which the dish was cooked – everyone will put to himself a portion or maybe all will take potato from the general dish directly hands! 4. Vegetable casserole.1 we cut a small squash or zucchini, 3 potatoes, 1 bulb, 1 carrots, 2 tomatoes which are available in existence other vegetables thin circles and we stack layers in the form oiled vegetable for roasting; when cutting it is convenient to use the vegetable cutter to receive the thinnest pieces. We fill in with a glass of the tomato juice mixed with salt and spices to taste. From above we strew with a grated cheese and we put to bake in an oven at a temperature of 200 degrees of minutes at 20-25. After preparation to casserole 30 minutes are better to allow to stand – that "be fixed" and become impregnated.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team