We cook chicken and oranges salad

We cook chicken and oranges salad

If you like to experiment in kitchen, creating interesting and tasty dishes, make chicken oranges salad which will surely take the place of honor on any holiday table.

It would seem, products incongruous at first sight can add to a dish special savor and originality. For example, very tasty salads, the main ingredients are chicken and oranges. Recipes of their preparation modern hostesses know much. Here only some of them.

Preparation of the first salad requires one bank of tinned pineapples, 2 oranges, boiled meat of chicken – 200-250 g, 100 g of a carbonate, bank of marinated champignons, one paprika, a raisin handful (it is desirable to use a grade without stones) and 100-150 g of the crushed walnuts.

Fill in raisin with hot water and leave to inflate for about 20-30 minutes. At this time cut bars chicken, pepper, a carbonate, pineapples and oranges – cubes. Add mushrooms. Then carefully mix everything and dress with mayonnaise. If desired salad can be laid out layers in any sequence of its components. Before giving plentifully strew a dish with the crushed walnuts.

Not less original turn out salad which part boiled chicken breast, oranges, fried champignons, tinned corn and cheese of firm grades are. Chop a breast on small pieces.

Salad will turn out not less interesting if to use in it not a boiled breast, but smoked.

Cut champignons straws and fry on vegetable oil. Cool. Rind oranges, remove white fibers, cut bars or small pieces. Mix mushrooms, chicken, fruit, add corn. Grate cheese. That it rubbed better, put it for several minutes in the deep freeze or in advance slightly dry it. Mix ingredients and dress with mayonnaise. It isn't obligatory to salt this salad.

The savor to this salad will be added by the garlic glove which is passed through a press.

At preparation of salad from chicken and oranges it is possible to manage and much smaller expenses. Boiled chicken breast, several oranges prepeeled from a peel and films, and the marinated onions in vinegar or lemon juice cut by half rings will be necessary for the following recipe. Mix meat, fruit, onions and dress with mayonnaise. If desired you can strew salad with walnuts or seeds of pomegranate.

In the absence of lemon juice it is possible to replace it with several granules of citric acid divorced in warm water.

For the same who doesn't love mayonnaise it is possible to advise to use recipes of salad where as gas station the natural yoghourt is used. However, and ingredients in a dish will be a bit differents. To chicken (boiled or smoked) and to oranges, it is possible to add a hard cheese and the green apple cut in cubes. For taste and piquancy salad can be strewed with a small amount of garnet grains. The dish if you diversify it with a fresh cucumber, ham, pineapple or tangerine will turn out interesting. Yogurt or mayonnaise in salad if desired can be replaced with sour cream. But in this case don't forget to salt a dish slightly. Some hostesses also add to chicken and oranges salad crabsticks or crab meat and also croutons (it is desirable not from shop) or chips.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team