We cook seafood rice noodles salad

We cook seafood rice noodles salad

Seafood rice noodles salad can be both addition to any table, and the main course. At the expense of rice noodles it turns out pretty nourishing. And seafood adds to it singularity.

It is required to you

  • For four portions:
  • - 200 g of shrimps;
  • - 100 g of mussels;
  • - 100 g of rice noodles;
  • - 50 ml of white dry wine;
  • - 3 garlic gloves;
  • - 2 cm of a root of ginger;
  • - 1 Chile pepper;
  • - half of a lemon;
  • - 1 h spoon of sesame oil;
  • - olive oil, green onions, parsley fresh, soy-bean sauce, sesame seed.


1. Peel garlic, together with a ginger piece small chop. Heat a frying pan, pour a little olive oil, lay out ginger and garlic, slightly fry. Add a shrimp without the heads and mussels, fry together until all moisture is evaporated. If shrimps were crude, then they are required to be put in a frying pan for 3 minutes before mussels.

2. When juice from seafood is evaporated, it is necessary to pour in dry white wine in a frying pan. Add fresh lemon juice from a fruit half there. Uparivayte approximately on 2/3. After that remove a frying pan from fire. Add sesame, sesame oil. Pour in a soy-bean sauce to taste, but you shouldn't add a lot of liquid. Mix.

3. Rice (glass noodles) fill in with boiled water, leave for 15 minutes. During this time it will become soft, it isn't required to boil it. Then drain water from noodles. Add noodles to seafood.

4. Now seafood rice noodles salad has to infuse within 10-15 minutes that as a result it had more saturated aroma. Wash out green onions and fresh parsley, chop more small. Decorate with greens a ready-to-serve salad, give it on a table.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team