We grow up a sweet crystal

We grow up a sweet crystal

At grain growing even two advantages! The first - sweet for children, and the second - studying chemistry, children will remember cheerful, tasty, sweet, multi-colored chemical reaction well.

It is required to you

  • - jars with a wide neck (or glasses);
  • - wooden skewers;
  • - clothespegs;
  • - food colors;
  • - fragrances;
  • - it is a lot of sugar.


1. The proportion - 10 glasses of sugar on 4 glasses of water is required. Pour into a pan 4 glasses water and fill 4 glasses of sugar, put on fire (consider that our solution will increase in volume, take a pan more), on average fire to bring to boiling and to add other sugar, at the same time regularly stirring slowly. When sugar all is dissolved, to set aside a pan from fire for 15 minutes.

2. While our solution cools down, we will prepare sticks. Wet them in water, then put in sugar to lay the foundation for formation of crystals, sticks wet - sugar will be pasted. After that it is necessary to give to dry to sticks with the stuck sugar completely if sticks are even slightly damp - at you nothing will turn out when you place them in hot sugar solution, all sugar osyptsya and new crystals have nothing will grow.

3. Pour a sugar syrup in glass jars or glasses, to add food colors. To slowly lower sticks in solution and to fix by clothespegs. Pay attention that sticks didn't concern neither a bottom banks, nor each other, between them there has to be a distance for fouling by crystals. Put jars to the warm or solar place. Crystals will be ready in a week.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team