What fish contains most of all iodine

What fish contains most of all iodine

Without receipt in an organism of enough iodine the thyroid gland ceases to function normally. Iodine gets to an organism through food, leather and the inhaled air. It is very important to use the products rich with this element. One of such products is fish.


1. The greatest number of iodine contains in a cod, and especially in her liver - 370 mg on 100 g of a product. This fish possesses gentle low-fat meat and perfectly is suitable for the people controlling body weight. Besides, the cod contains all amino acids necessary for a human body participating in all vital processes. The cod is useful to a condition of skin, nails and hair that it contains enough sulfur. Above-mentioned cod liver contains a large amount of the cod-liver oil useful to the growing child's organism. However it is necessary to monitor possible allergic reactions of a children's organism to this fish.

2. A haddock - fish, related to a cod. Iodine content is equal to 245 mg on 100 g in it. This is a saltwater fish with dietary low-fat meat. The most part of fats collects in a haddock liver. This fish is rich with B12 vitamin and many essential amino acids. The haddock very easily is acquired and digested an organism.

3. The saithe comprises 200 mg of iodine on 100 g of a product. Besides iodine, this fish is rich with other minerals, vitamins A, B, D, E, K, important for a human body. Meat of a saithe easily is acquired and digested. Fat is used for receiving medications.

4. Fish of salmon breeds: the trout, a salmon, a salmon contains 200 mg of iodine on 100 g of a product. Besides, salmon are very rich with phosphorus which participates in formation and maintenance of a bony skeleton and in general in the majority the processes proceeding in an organism. Besides, this red fish contains a large amount of vitamins and minerals and also an omega-3 fatty acids which regulate work of the majority of systems of an organism.

5. The rockfish contains 145 mg of iodine on 100 g. Has a fatty meat, is a source not only iodine, but also useful fats and proteins. It is very useful to the people who are engaged in brainwork. Contains a large amount of B12 vitamin. It is useful to vessels, skin, nervous and digestive systems.

6. The mackerel contains 100 mg of iodine on 100 g of a product. This is fish of family skumbriyevy. By the size it is slightly more, than a mackerel. Meat of a mackerel is rich with minerals and vitamins, however its structure depends on the territory of accommodation of fish. Contains all vitamins of group B, and 400 g of this fish fill the daily need of a human body for potassium. The substances which are contained in a mackerel prevent risk of development of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, slow down aging processes. Consumption of this fish considerably improves appearance of the person and warns some diseases.

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