What grade of carrots it is better to buy for long-term storage

What grade of carrots it is better to buy for long-term storage

If you want to buy carrots in large numbers for winter storage, it is necessary to choose a grade carefully. Early grades long aren't stored. They are used fresh and for processing. Mid-season and late grades of carrots are specially intended for storage.

Mid-season grades

The choice of grades of carrots which will be stored all winter is huge and various. The grade of Flakke which has the following characteristics belongs to them: an equal spindle-shaped root crop weight up to 170 g and long about 30 cm. It suits not only for the use in a fresh and tinned look, but also has an excellent lezhkost – root crops of this grade are stored till March.

Grade "A red giant" – root crops of elongated conical shape, long 24 cm, weight up to 130 g. This grade differs in gentle sweet pulp which doesn't change the characteristics even at the end of a period of storage. It can be processed or stored until the end of March.

The grade of Losinoostrovskaya carrots has root crops of a cylindrical form. They are reinforced, a surface not smooth, and with small eyes. In length these root crops small – up to 18 cm, but on weight can reach 160 g. This grade possesses the raised lezhkost and is stored till April.

The grade of Samson differs in large root crops of a blunt-pointed cylindrical form. It is long they are 20 cm, weight - up to 200 g. Pulp at this grade very crunchy and juicy. It is considered not only the most tasty, but also differs in a high lezhkost. Too it can be stored till April. The grade "Viking" differs in the increased carotene content. It is long vegetable – 20 cm, weight – 170 g. At this grade tasty pulp and very small core. Has stable presentation and a good lezhkost, keeping consumer qualities till March.

Late grades

Grade "Moscow winter" – a blunt-pointed root crop of long 15 cm and weight up to 170 g. One of the best grades for storage. Storageability absolute prior to the beginning of April. A grade of Mo – conic root crops long up to 20 cm and weighing 150-160 g. Very juicy pulp with high gustatory qualities. Excellent lezhkost. The grade is intended for long-term storage until the end of April. The grade of Karlen has fruits of a cylindrical form, smooth, with crunchy juicy pulp. It is considered the champion in storage. Can keep all properties till April and even prior to the beginning of May. A grade "Coral" – cone-shaped fruits of dark orange color. Smooth surface. Small core. It is long a root crop – 22 cm. Weight – 140-150 g. Carrots of this grade till April are stored. A grade Olimpus has the leveled conic root crops of long 16 cm, weight - to 130 g. This grade contains about 100% of carotene. It is recommended for long-term storage as keeps nutritional value till April. A grade "Cardinal" – the most popular late grade for a long lezhka. Has cone-shaped root crops weighing 150 g and long to 20 cm. In carrots of this grade the increased contents not only of carotene, but also sugars. It can be stored till May.

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