What ice for drinks is: ways of preparation

What ice for drinks is: ways of preparation

Birthday, New year or romantic dinner – success of any celebration completely depends on your imagination and ability to create festive mood. Pleasantly to surprise friends, there is a mass of important trifles and surprises, one of which – addition of a glass with juice or Martini color ice cubes.

Art of mixing of drinks enjoys wide popularity. Jewelry fresh berries, leaves of mint or paper umbrellas became the norm and partly became boring. It is possible meet abundance of the European cocktails with bright hats and the candied lemon segments on edge of a glass practically in each club. It isn't surprising, to inhale a magic droplet in usual drink, each time it becomes more difficult. The frozen ice isn't a wonder, a difference too only that ice cubes can be given, filled beautifully with fruit filling or to recover a variety of color.

How to prepare color ice for drinks, feature and cunning of preparation

Before starting experiments, begin with small and prepare transparent, clean cubes. For this purpose it is enough to take a mold with square compartments from the fridge or to get silicone molds in shop. Some enterprising hostesses get special packages on clip-on earrings for freezing. Fill cells with the cooled-down, boiled water and accurately put a mold in the freezer. If not to boil water, you receive the muddy, covered with cracks small squares. If all is made correctly, 3-4 hours later, ideally transparent ice cubes  will be ready-to-serve. Forms can be various – in the form of hearts, flowers, fruit, female accessories or cat's muzzles. In bars, cubes often replace with a frosty crumb – for this purpose crush white ice to a condition of brilliant kristallik. Getting into a mouth, the ice crumb renders the invigorating effect.

What it is possible to replace or decorate boiled water with:

  • Green tea, coffee with milk. Don't forget to add sugar for a sweet taste;
  • Fruit, natural juices;
  • Food colors. Before choosing dye, attentively read structure on packing;
  • Berries, pieces of fruit, nutlets, mint leaflets in small pieces of ice.

For a change, immerse color strings or threads with beads in the filled forms. After hardening, fruit ice will turn into a festive garland. Color and clear ice can be alternated among themselves. Important. Don't put a mold near such products as fat or fish. Smells of products it will instantly be absorbed in preparation, and your drinks will have a fishy or meat flavor. It is also important to observe expiration dates. Usual clear ice is stored no more than 6 months, and ice on the basis of juice and berries – is no more than 30 days.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team