What is an antithesis

What is an antithesis

The antithesis is a figure of speech which increases its expressiveness by means of oppositions, contrast concepts or images. In other words, if it is about an antithesis, it means that in one same offer, and she "lives" mainly in aphorisms and familiar expressions, there are antonyms (the words opposite on sense).

To create contrast characteristic of any phenomenon, it is compared to another, it is logically absolute "not suitable" it that allows to reveal not the general for objects and the phenomena of line, and on the contrary, opposite. Thus there is a peculiar pushing away from each other images, on the general signs of subordinates to the same idea. This reception is often used in the speech that very strongly influences the interlocutor, causing in it bright ideas of a subject or an event about which he is told. It should be noted that this taxonomy of the general concept does not have to be obligatory logically exact. For example, the proverb is "Small but precious" built antitheticly. If to take separately from each other concepts small and expensive, then it will become clear that logically they are not coordinated as, for example, light and darkness. But in a proverb it looks appropriate because a word "is small" is taken with a certain specification of its value in relation to the word of "roads" used literally.

Besides, the antithesis as a figure of speech, has ability not only to oppose concepts, but also to emphasize paradoxicality of comparison, greatness of an object, universality when it is allocated with contrast properties. Thereby the antithesis makes heavier value and strengthens an impression of listeners and readers.

On the structure it can be simple (monomial) and difficult (polynomial), including a little antonimichesky couples or three (and more) opposed concepts. It is necessary to tell also about a special type of an antithesis when this figure of speech is in synonymic couple and by that makes stronger impression and provokes figurative development of a plot. Also the antithesis can consist of identical words, i.e. be located in one lexeme (thus some actions are opposed to others, and feelings to one feelings of another). And considering parallelism of a design of an antithesis, it is possible to speak about its ritmoobrazuyushchy function and also about ability "to play" the comparative, multiplying and uniting roles.

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