What is in the morning

What is in the morning

Morning meal of most of researchers of work of a human body is recognized as one of the most important for all day. But the answer to a question of what exactly is in the morning, still remains confused.

Breakfast - obligatory meal for those who follow the system of healthy food. Its admission threatens with troubles with health, for example, excess weight. It is counted that the people who regularly have breakfast accelerate processes of a metabolism approximately for five percent that affects their figure.

The useful breakfast contains all substances necessary for an organism, but emphasis is placed on so-called "slow" carbohydrates. Daily meal will save from the problems with health connected with blood circulation (heart attacks and other diseases) in the mornings.

The most acceptable option of a breakfast are various porridges. Grain with the small content of fats contains a lot of cellulose which fills a stomach and long enough is digested. Porridge enriches an organism with useful substances and doesn't allow feeling of hunger to disturb you up to a lunch break. Those who aren't an admirer of grain can diversify porridges with fruit, dried fruits, nuts, honey or jam. Their regular use will lead to the fact that you will cease to hunger constantly that, in turn, will force to refuse having a snack harmful chocolate bars, chips and other snacks. Cottage cheese not less porridges is preferable to morning meal. It comprises a set of minerals which will present you health. It is digested about four-five hours. Add to low-fat cottage cheese, for example, banana and a natural yoghourt, - and a tasty useful breakfast is ready. One more option of food for morning - eggs. They contain proteins, proteins and minerals that does them useful and nutritive. In addition, eggs are acquired by a human body for 98%. Various options of fried eggs, hard boiled egg, soft-boiled, plows - show imagination, and your morning will become much more pleasant and more tasty. It is undesirable to use a large number of sugar, fats and proteins for breakfast. Sweet products will be badly acquired because of the low level of insulin. It is better to leave proteins for dinner - so you will be able to lose several extra kilos. Add a handful of nuts to a breakfast if physical activity is necessary to you. If you can't force yourselves to eat even a small piece of a toast from whole-grain bread in any way, begin to accustom an organism to breakfasts from a small glass of milk.

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