What is pluralism

What is pluralism

 In the history of the world cases when a solution of burning issues was found without influence of brute force — at a negotiating table, way of hot discussions, at mutual respect and accounting of interests of all parties are frequent. It is one of forms of manifestation of pluralism. So it pluralism?

In a general sense, the pluralism is understood as such image of the world and reality according to which there are always several forms of life, knowledge of the world around untied with each other, various vital methods and other things. The pluralism implies multifunctionality of everyday life in which there is a place untied with each other things, but all of them equally adjoin with each other despite everything.

There are several standard forms of pluralism:

The philosophical interpretation of pluralism is very close to that which is stated above. It is meant life not only material or abstract concepts about life, but also knowledge of the world. Thus, in philosophy under pluralism the neighbourhood absolutely equal on the relation to each other and independent forms of knowledge or life means.

The political pluralism is one of the fundamental principles of life of any democratic state. In policy the pluralism is meant as lawful counteraction various on the interests and ideologies of political forces for the right to be in power and political life of the country. Forces can be different in scales, interests, ideologies, thoughts and opinions, but they coexist and constantly interact with each other. In it the political pluralism consists. The religious pluralism is a little far on sense from other treatments. The religious pluralism (Superecumenism) is a special religious movement which main goal is creation of a whole from all faiths existing in the world. The principles of superecumenism are the full and unconditional tolerance to all religions existing in the world and recognition of all ways of communication of the person with the Principal Reason equivalent and equipotential. If to look around, then the phenomenon of pluralism can be noticed everywhere: on the street, at home, at work, at movie theater and many other places. Its essence everywhere same - acceptance of surrounding things and people such what they are by nature.

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