What is political activity

What is political activity

The policy does not represent something static, once and for all stiffened. This sphere of public life includes a set of the phenomena and processes which constantly develop, intertwining with each other. Understand such type of activity of specific persons, social groups as political activity and even the certain states which is directed to change of the political relations.

Concept of political activity

Political life consists of the events interconnected among themselves in which citizens of the certain countries or even the countries entering into the international community are directly involved. As well as any kind of human activity, political activity means existence of the subject, an object and relations between them. As the subject in policy the social group or the political figure usually acts. One of the parties of political life, for example lawmaking or the political power becomes an object, that is a subject to which activity is directed.

Political activity aims also own means which application leads to a certain result. Carrying out activity in the sphere of policy, her subjects act under the influence of clear or, on the contrary, not quite realized motives. Political slogans and requirements which participants of political processes make become expression of motivation usually. Arrival of any given political force to the power and also its subsequent deduction becomes an ultimate goal in this field of activity.

Features of political activity

The initial direction of political activity is preliminary development of policy then its direct implementation follows. The first stage assumes existence of ideas of political reality. The political figure is obliged to own knowledge of the nature of the public relations, of ways of influence on political life. It needs to have also the steady system of value orientations which serves as a peculiar reference point in political activity. Having estimated a political condition of society, having made the forecast of its development, participants of political activity start implementation of the measures necessary for reduction of a system in an appropriate look. Carrying out in life of reforms, participation in referenda and elections, work in political parties and other voluntary associations of citizens can be an example of political activity. In society the political activity performs function of a peculiar regulator. In its process the state elite, leaders of parties, social groups find compromise solutions. If to develop the general policy which could satisfy all participants of political process, does not work well, activity can gain the nature of confrontation. At the moments of acute crises, for example, political activity takes a form of direct opposition between the power and opposition.

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