What is sales market

What is sales market

The economy with its terminology was strongly included into modern life, even school students with ease operate with a conceptual framework, using in the speech of the word "business", "market" and so forth. However a part of categories has difficult semantics, and therefore also mistakes in vocabulary are frequent. The economist Juan de Matienso in the 16th century tried to describe the phenomenon which in the economic theory received subsequently sales market naming.

Sales market, according to modern views, represents that niche which the company can occupy in the open market for distribution of the services and products. On territorial sign sales market can be: - local, - regional,

- national, - world.

There is also a division into the internal and external sales markets working with own product and import respectively.

On subjects to exchange (trade objects) allocate the following markets: - means of production, - goods and services, - financial, - intellectual property.

Consumer as profit source

Sales market of any goods and services is guided by four types of consumers. Consumers who get products treat the first type and use services of the same firm. To the second - the users of products and services using what is offered by rival firms. People who have an idea of any given offers of various companies treat the third type of consumers, but do not use them. The fourth type is made by consumers who have no idea of products and services which offer firms. Each company or each manufacturer of various products tries to undertake everything that is possible for promotion of the offers and receiving arrived. It is necessary to attract new consumers to constant development and receiving bigger income and to maintain interest at the regular customers. For this purpose it is necessary to study marketing features of market sale in different territorial types.

Market capacity

Such line as market capacity is characteristic of market sale. It represents that quantity of products and services which can be sold in a certain market for the put time period. Market capacity can change. It depends on demand for various products and services. In the period of the increased demand the market capacity increases. It decreases in case demand for products and services is reduced. To attract clients to the offers, various companies use various methods, the most known of which – advertizing. Advertizing gives the chance to make goods and services more noticeable and sold in the concrete field of market sale. Before goods go on sale, the companies conduct market researches to define places where their products will be the most demanded among consumers of various categories. It is called the marketing analysis with consumer research.

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