What is ultrapasteurization

What is ultrapasteurization

Many people know about ultrapasteurization, however not all are in detail acquainted with its technology. Around this technological process many myths go, but its advantage is proved and invaluable long ago. What represents this concept and what advantages ultra heat-treated products have?

Technology of ultrapasteurization

Usually ultrapasteurizations subject milk which undergoes careful heat treatment in the special way. In the course of this processing, milk heats up and cooled literally for several seconds then it is placed in unique cardboard packings, observing at the same time absolute sterility. As a result of ultrapasteurization the product completely keeps all the useful substances, including calcium, vital to a human body.

The milk which underwent ultrapasteurization does not need boiling as it is safe for health and is completely ready to the use.

After ultrapasteurization it is possible to store the milk poured on original tight packings several months at the room temperature. Ultra heat-treated milk is made only of fresh and natural dairy products as it maintains similar heat treatment, without being turned at the same time. Other grades of milk cannot be ultrapasterizovat.

Features of ultra heat-treated products

Milk after ultrapasteurization can be used as an independent product, and as a basis for preparation of curdled milk or home-made cottage cheese. However similar milk is deprived of the lactic bacteria and microflora therefore it is necessary to add special bacterial ferment to it. It contains the Bulgarian stick and a thermophilic streptococcus which allow to make yogurt or other dairy product from ultra heat-treated milk.

Genuine organic milk is received only from the cows eating natural sterns without hormones and antibiotics.

The ultra heat-treated products are ideal for small children to whom still early to drink fat cow's milk. The kids who are regularly drinking the milk which underwent similar processing much quicker gain weight and considerably advance in development of the peers using pasteurized milk. Besides, ultra heat-treated dairy products contain the enzymes helping to acquire nutrients and dairy proteins. Without these enzymes the proteins are not digested an organism, being perceived by it as alien substances and causing disorders of digestive tract and various reactions of the immune system.

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