What it is possible to sStuffed peppers – the dish loved by many, tasty and nutritive. It is simple to prepare it, and it is possible to give also to a daily table, and to festive. Paprikas are stuffed with various stuffings prepared from meat, seafood, m

What it is possible to sStuffed peppers – the dish loved by many, tasty and nutritive. It is simple to prepare it, and it is possible to give also to a daily table, and to festive. Paprikas are stuffed with various stuffings prepared from meat, seafood, m

How to stuff paprika

The Bulgarian paprika it is possible to eat not only as additive to vegetable salads, but also in the form of stuffed with mincemeat and rice of a dish. Stuffed peppers – a dish refined, extremely tasty and useful.

In order that it is correct to make stuffed peppers, it is necessary to follow a number of simple rules. The first and most important – all pepper corns which are the main ingredients of this dish have to be approximately identical size.


It is better to make forcemeat for a dish with own hand, having mixed a part of pork, beef and chicken meat. If on it there is no time, it is possible to use also store forcemeat – moderately fat and nutritive mix.

Other ingredients for stuffed peppers: - rice (it is possible to use any – dlinnozernisty or round) - 1-2 glasses; - mayonnaise - 100 grams; - egg - 1 piece; - onions - 2 pieces; - carrots - 1 piece; - sunflower oil - 100 grams; - tomato sauce - 100 grams; - garlic - 2-3 cloves; - salt and spices.


Before starting a pepper farshirovaniye, it is necessary to boil rice to semi-readiness and also to fry small cut onions and carrots in a frying pan. Then it is necessary to mix rice and vegetables with forcemeat. It is for this purpose better to use deep ware as it is necessary to mix all components of future masterpiece of cookery very carefully. It is necessary to add tomato sauce and egg to the general structure of a stuffing. Some hostesses use the tomato juice which is slightly divorced with water instead of tomato sauce. After the stuffing is prepared, it is possible to be accepted also to pepper. Several vegetables it is necessary to wash a baking plate with flowing water, to cut off fruit stems and to clean a core from seeds and partitions. Then it is necessary to drench pepper with boiled water or to blanch within three minutes. Husk pepper or not – the personal choice of each hostess. It is necessary to stuff pepper accurately not to damage its gentle pulp. It is possible for these purposes to use dessert or a teaspoon, filling with forcemeat each pepper corn to the edges. After pepper is stuffed, it should be placed in a deep pan (to establish each pepper corn vertically) and to fill in with mix of tomato sauce, mayonnaise and water. It is possible to add the crushed garlic to this filling. Who loves more sharply – instead of tomato sauce it is possible to use ketchup, for example, "shashlik". Process of preparation of stuffed peppers on a plate borrows approximately an hour and a half. Some hostesses cook this dish in an oven, at a temperature of 200 wasps. Preparation time of a dish in an oven – is no more than an hour. To the hostess for record: stuffed peppers it isn't obligatory to prepare all – it is possible to freeze a part it. For this purpose it is necessary to lay out pepper on a cutting board and to place in the freezer. When vegetables freeze, they can be put in a plastic bag or in any other capacity.

cheese, rice.

The pepper stuffed with cheese and nuts

This dish belongs to cold appetizers. For its preparation it is required:

- 3-4 paprikas; - 250 g of cheese;

- 150 g of a desi; - 2 garlic gloves; - 8-10 kernels of walnuts; - 1 bunch of cilantro or parsley; - salt. Wash up and dry paprika pods. Then accurately cut out fruit stems and remove seeds. Previously take a desi in the freezer then together with cheese grate. Peel garlic gloves and miss through a press. You potolkit kernels of walnuts in a mortar. Wash up greens of cilantro or parsley, dry and small chop. Connect all prepared ingredients: cheese, butter, garlic, walnuts and greens. Carefully mix and add some salt.

Fill pods of paprikas with the prepared stuffing. Close openings through which they were stuffed halves of kernels of walnuts. Put the filled pepper on a plate and place for half an hour in the fridge. Before giving on a table cut stuffed peppers with circles, about 4-5 centimeters thick.

The pepper stuffed with meat

To make the pepper stuffed with meat it is necessary to take the following products: - 200 g of mincemeat; - 8-10 paprikas; - 200 g of rice; - 200 g of carrots; - sprinkling pepper; - salt. Touch rice, wash out and boil in the added some salt water. Carrots, wash up, clean and grate. Then mix rice with mincemeat and grated carrots. Salt and pepper. Wash up pepper, accurately decrown and take out seeds. Wash out once again and fill with the made forcemeat. Put the filled pepper in a pan and fill in with cold water so that it closed pepper pods almost to the very top. Salt. Put a pan on silent fire and you weary the pepper stuffed with meat about 40 minutes.

Vegetarian stuffed peppers

For preparation of stuffed peppers according to this recipe it will be required: - 2 paprikas; - 2 eggplants; - 1 zucchinis; - 1 bulb; - 1 tomato; - 1 garlic glove; - 150 g of mushrooms; - 2 tablespoons of rice; - 60 ml of vegetable oil; - 2 tsps of dried mint; - 1 tsps of a dried basil; - black and chili powder; - salt. Clean eggplants, zucchini and onions and small chop. Wash up mushrooms or carefully wipe with a napkin and slice thin. Miss the peeled garlic glove through a press. Cut the washed-up and dried tomato small into cubes. Warm vegetable oil in a deep frying pan and, stirring slowly, fry the cut eggplants and onions until they become soft. Then add mushrooms, tomatoes, garlic, mint, a basil, fill with salt and mix of pepper. Well mix everything and you extinguish within 5 minutes. After that put zucchini and the rice which is previously cooked in the added some salt water. You extinguish 5 more minutes. Wash up pods of paprika, dry and cut in half. Remove seeds and fruit stems. Then scald pepper boiled water and at once lower in cold water. Lay out paprika halves on a baking tray or in a fire-resistant form and stuff everyone with the prepared stuffing. Place in the oven warmed up to 180 wasps for 15 minutes to be baked.

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