What properties the sea cabbage has

What properties the sea cabbage has

The laminaria or sea cabbage is known in the world for the useful properties long ago. Initially it was used only by inhabitants of islands. Especially this seaweed was popular in Japan and on coast of the Sakhalin region. Now in many countries the laminaria is held in the deserved respect and love.

The myth about a sea cabbage

Force of properties of a laminaria is reflected in one of legends of the land of the rising sun. Once, in the period of government of the emperor Shan Gin, the country was attacked by strong enemies. At that moment its state was exhausted, residents of the country were ready to give up. Then the governor uplifted a prayer to gods about the help. And they sent him miracle drink which gave to people firmness, force, fearlessness and long life. In order that to deliver this drink to all inhabitants of islands, the young daughter of the emperor drank it and sacrificed herself, having rushed to the sea. Gods turned her into seaweed and allocated it with all properties of drink. After residents of the country tried a gift of gods, they could win against enemy attack.

Useful properties of a sea cabbage

Inhabitants of islands call a laminaria for useful properties a sea ginseng. In a sea cabbage several times there are more vitamins and minerals, than in traditional white. So, for example, in a laminaria is twice more than phosphorus, magnesium and iron - much, and sodium - by 40 times. Besides, this seaweed contains bromine, zinc, manganese, cobalt, potassium, iodine, nitrogen and sulfur.

In a laminaria high content of vitamins, such as RR, beta carotene, B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, C, D and E. Contents their essential. So, for example, the amount of vitamin C falls short only of a kiwi, oranges and lemons and covers standard daily rate if to eat only 300 g. Such rich structure is provided thanks to ability to absorb minerals and vitamins from sea water and that the most important, to accumulate them. The mineral and vitamin structure stimulates work of a brain, strengthens vessels, normalizes glucose level in blood, stimulates function of a thyroid gland, promotes production of collagen that affects appearance of skin, improves a condition of hair, improves the immune system, reduces cholesterol. The laminaria is very useful at big intellectual loadings, especially to children. Besides, the laminaria represents powerful aphrodisiac both for women, and for men. Thermally processed sea cabbage slightly loses the properties. Also the fact that the laminaria has the low price and is on sale in many outlets is important. The wonderful alga can be used not only in pure form or in salads and snack, but also to add it to porridges, soups and main courses.

Harmful properties of a sea cabbage

In order that this product yielded desirable result, it needs to be used regularly, but in limited quantities. Besides, it is necessary to remember that the laminaria is used and as depletive therefore it is important not to be overzealous.

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