What to add to forcemeat that cutlets left juicy and magnificent

What to add to forcemeat that cutlets left juicy and magnificent

Preparation of juicy zazharisty cutlets in practice is not such and simple business. Some hostesses buy selected forcemeat, in accuracy follow all indications of the recipe, and the dish all the same turns out dryish. That it didn't occur, it is necessary to know several secrets of preparation of forcemeat for cutlets.

Choice of meat

That cutlets turned out magnificent and juicy, first of all, it is necessary to choose correctly meat for forcemeat. The sirloin strip or a piece from a front part of ink will become ideal option. If desired it is possible to add to forcemeat meat from a scapula, and here it is better to refuse a backgammon as it has dryness, density and a zhestkovatost which are suitable for jelly better. The most juicy forcemeat turns out not from one, and from several types of meat, for example, of mutton, beef and pork.

For cutlets it isn't recommended to add a fresh milk to forcemeat – it will only worsen external and flavor profiles of a dish.

Also it is possible to give to cutlets juiciness and lightness, having carefully kneaded forcemeat and having well beaten off it. It will oxygenate meat. Besides, it is desirable to add a small amount of warm boiled water to forcemeat – exactly so much how many meat will absorb in itself. Thus after liquid addition the consistence of forcemeat has to remind consistence of dense sour cream. As for eggs, they aren't an obligatory component of cutlets as the dish can turn out harsh. Therefore better or in general to exclude eggs from the recipe, or to enter into forcemeat only vitelluses.


Very important component of juicy and airy cutlets are onions. The its is more, the dish is more magnificent and more tasty. And here traditional addition of bread in mincemeat is a widespread mistake. Skilled hostesses recommend to replace it carefully crushed by potatoes, carrot or cabbage which can also be rubbed on a small grater. Their vegetable juice as much as possible will saturate mincemeat and will make it more juicy and saturated. A secret of receiving moderately fat and fragrant cutlets is the insert from a desi piece in cutlet at a molding stage. That the juiciness and splendor bought fish cutlets, it is necessary to add to forcemeat a little pork – in an approximate proportion 1:5 (pork fish), and to replace water with a small amount of tea leaves with a soda pinch. Also significant role in gustatory qualities of cutlets is played by a breading from flour or bread crumbs. A great option is formation of cutlet wet hands. After a molding it is lowered in the beaten egg white and at once put on a hot frying pan with previously warmed oil. At the same time you shouldn't save on the cutlet size – the it is larger, the it is more in it than juiciness and splendor.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team