What to do with proteins

What to do with proteins

Proteins of eggs are very nutritious and useful to an organism. They contain practically all necessary vitamins, minerals and amino acids. Sometimes, at preparation of a dish, proteins remain unclaimed. How to apply them in cookery? Prepare the proteinaceous drawing weight, meringue or proteinaceous cream.

Proteinaceous drawing массаДля preparations of proteinaceous drawing weight take absolutely dry clean ware. Fill in it 0.75 glasses of icing sugar. Stirring powder a wooden scapula, add to it 1 egg white. Beat egg white with icing sugar before obtaining magnificent weight. For improvement of plasticity of drawing weight when beating add to it 3-4 drops of lemon juice. Put ready drawing weight in the confectionery syringe and decorate with it cake. Remember that proteinaceous weight - a perishable product. Use it at once after preparation.


Beat 7 cooled egg whites before receiving magnificent foam. Movements of the mixer or a nimbus at the same time have to be directed to one party. As soon as you see that whites begin to be beaten, carefully pour 3 teaspoons of fine granulated sugar. Continue to shake up proteinaceous weight to full sugar remelting.

Pour into proteins of 5 more teaspoons of sugar. Shake up everything. In total in this way it is necessary to enter teaspoons of granulated sugar into proteins 63. Lay a baking tray paper for pastries. A spoon or by means of the confectionery syringe put protein whips on a baking tray in the small portions at distance of 3-4 cm from each other. Bake meringue at a temperature of 120 degrees till slightly golden color. The oven door at the same time shouldn't be opened. Leave ready meringues in an oven before full cooling. Proteinaceous to a kremvzbeyta of 6 egg whites in a strong stable foam about 0.75 glasses of granulated sugar. Proteinaceous cream is ready to use. It is possible to diversify taste of proteinaceous cream, having added to it the crushed fried nuts or syrup from berry jam. It is possible to miss the mark with proteinaceous cream cake layers at baking of cake. It is possible to give it with roll or pancakes to tea or coffee. Bon appetit!

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