What to feed a crowd of children with: fast snack from the Mexican flat cakes

What to feed a crowd of children with: fast snack from the Mexican flat cakes

The situation when suddenly in the house there is a crowd of children is familiar to many mothers and grandmothers. And not for 10 minutes, and for half a day. And they should be fed with something, and the visit of shop was planned only for evening... But an exit is always.

In case of arrival of unexpected guests, especially if it is children, it is possible to stock up with the Mexican flat cakes (they are several types - what it are pleasant to a lump). They can be stored in the closed packing long. But if opened, then it is better to use at once. Otherwise kind of you didn't pressurize them - air all the same will make the...

Many children just adore them, especially with potato, or with potato and cheese. And seldom there is a situation when in the house there are no potatoes if only it isn't eaten at all. 

It is possible to make mashed potatoes. If there is a cheese - even better. Then it is possible to add polished cheese to puree (that strongly I didn't spread - better in a proportion 3:1). If children love greens and it in the house is available, then in general super!

  Way of preparation

Take flat cake, on one its half place puree (thickness about 1 cm), cover with the second half and put on the warmed frying pan without oil.

Roast before formation of a ruddy crust - at first on the one hand, then with another.

Lay out on a dish. And for the present flat cakes hot - at once cut them on two halves that it was easier for children to eat. Grease or not oil from above - solve. From one packing (8 pieces) 16 most tasty snack of type Tatar kystyby turn out. How many packings of flat cakes to reserve - solve.  

Actually options of a stuffing can be as much as necessary. Make a start from what is in the fridge and that is loved by guests and your children. This option almost safe. And children are full and happy, and you not strongly were late with implementation of the plans for day. 


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team