What Vasco da Gama is known for

What Vasco da Gama is known for

The world knows many people whose biographies became history. Writers, architects, governors, scientists and many others. There are among them also travelers whose names will be remembered for centuries.

The period from XV to the 17th century became history of Europe as time of Great geographical discoveries throughout which many new lands and sea routes were found. This period is connected with names of great seafarers and travelers, one of which, no doubt, was Vasco da Gama. Under its command the expedition which for the first time in human history did a way from Europe to India was conducted.

Vasco da Gamma in 1460 in Portugal in family of the Portuguese knight Escitevan da Gama was born. Vasco since childhood was involved in sea fights, in Evora he got an education and necessary knowledge of mathematics, astronomy and navigation. Contemporaries said that Vasco was extremely responsible and with fanaticism treated achievement of the goals, and it was very important for those times.

Opening of a sea way to India was very important for Portugal in the economic plan as, being in a distance from the main trade ways, the country could not take active part in world trade, and it was forced to buy expensive goods of the East at the fabulous price.

Prior to a travel Vasco da Gama attempts of opening of a trade way were made, but all of them were vain and only Vasco da Gamma became that who opened such desired way to India.

Vasco da Gama made several swimmings to India. The first is dated for 1497 - 1499, the second – 1502 - 1503, the third – 1524.

During stay in India in 1524 Vasco da Gama was appointed the second viceroy of India.

The great seafarer in 1524 died of a disease, vyzyvanny malaria.

In honor of the famous seafarer the great Brazilian Club de Regatas Vasco da Gama, the city to Goa, a crater on the Moon and also one of bridges of Lisbon is called.

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