What world outlook role of science

What world outlook role of science

The science carries out in the society of several significant functions. In the modern world it becomes an important factor of progress, it possesses a role of the consolidating force in society. Knowledge of essence of the phenomena of reality reduced in a uniform system forms as well a world outlook of the person.


1. Understand the interconnected frame of reference and representations of the person concerning the world which surrounds it as outlook. In the broadest sense the outlook is the philosophical, public, political and esthetic views acquired by the personality on a course of life. This set of views is the cornerstone of the system of the beliefs influencing perception by the person of events and the phenomena of surrounding reality.

2. A basis of any outlook are philosophical views. From the moment of emergence of Marxist science it is considered to be that the outlook is under construction on understanding of a so-called main question of philosophy. Depending on the answer to a question of what is primary – matter or consciousness distinguish idealistic or materialistic outlook. Differences between two of these positions form two different vital approaches to an explanation of the nature of any phenomena occurring in the nature and society.

3. The philosophy plays a special role in outlook formation. The sciences entering it become that core around which the frame of reference on the world is formed. Knowing the principles and the general regularities of the phenomena revealed during centuries-old development of philosophy, the person consciously acquires a certain world outlook: idealistic or materialistic. The person can stand also on the dual position called philosophical dualism.

4. The idealism is not always based on recognition of existence of God operating the world. He can recognize also presence of non-material force which has no personification. In turn, and the materialistic outlook can reflect not fully a variety of communications between objects and the phenomena of reality. The materialistic outlook becomes scientific only when using a dialectic method which cornerstone the idea about continuous development is.

5. One more source from which the outlook – the results which are saved up in natural sciences originates. The real break in the field of natural sciences happened in the 19th century when scientists for the first time collected and systematized the data obtained during observations and experiments with natural objects. These data issued in a system promote formation of truly scientific outlook both at scientists, and at those who use scientific knowledge in daily practical activities.

6. Not the last role in formation of outlook is played by social sciences. System studying history lays the basis for the correct understanding of the processes happening in society. The sociology gives the chance to understand regularities of interaction between certain people, big and small groups. Comprehension of laws of economy allows to make complete idea of the difficult economic processes influencing development of a civilization.

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