Whether it is possible yogurt at inflammation of a gall bladder

Whether it is possible yogurt at inflammation of a gall bladder

At inflammation of a gall bladder it is required to keep to a certain diet. Many food at exacerbation of a disease are forbidden, under a ban and some types of yogurts.

Inflammation of a gall bladder — cholecystitis — very widespread disease. Normal the body accumulates bile and directs it to a duodenum. Violations in work of channels and sphincters interfere with a normal conclusion of bile from a gall bladder, in certain cases there is a throwing of contents of initial department of a small intestine to canals that always leads to inflammation of bilious. Pains in the right podreberye — the first symptoms of cholecystitis.

Because of what the gall bladder inflames

Inflammation of bilious leads to the aching pain in the right top part of a stomach, in certain cases pain gives a baking plate a right shoulder-blade or a hand. At an acute inflammation spasmolysants not always manage to calm down pain therefore the patient is forced to suffer it, to suffer. Pleasant it isn't enough here.

It is impossible to protect for 100 percent from this disease as the reasons of its emergence a little, and some of them aren't subject to control of the person. So, main causes of infringement of work bilious and inflammations of body it:

  • low-mobility;
  • violation of some systems of an organism, and in particular endocrine, vegetative;
  • overeating;
  • abuse of greasy food;
  • starvations;
  • injuries bilious, wrong atomic structure of body;
  • cholelithiasis;
  • decrease in a tone of muscles of body (it is generally shown at pregnancy).

What can be eaten at inflammation of a gall bladder

At cholecystitis it is necessary to refuse many food, is only boiled food or steamed. If to speak more particularly, at chronic inflammation of a gall bladder it is necessary to adhere for life to a strict diet under the name "table No. 5" and to eat food only meatless soups (dairy, fruit, vegetarian), semi-viscous porridges on water or the welded in half with water, weak teas and the diluted juice, pasta and paste with the resolved products, low-fat beef, fish, rabbit flesh, a bird without skin and also a dairy products of low fat content without additives. It is necessary to limit also consumption of oils (up to 30 grams a day), eggs, and is more true than yolks (to two in day).

Violation of this diet often leads to failure of work bilious (there is an exacerbation of a disease) and intestines cease to function normally therefore in order to avoid a recurrence it is necessary to reconsider the eating habits and to create diets, new taking into account recommendations.

Whether it is possible to eat/drink yogurt at inflammation of a gall bladder

As it was already told, it is possible to use a dairy products at cholecystitis, but only fat-free (2% and below) and without various flavor enhancers and dyes.

Now on counters of shops it is possible to find a set of the yogurts suitable in these parameters, but often these products have high cost. To save the budget, it is possible to do independently as necessary house yogurts, using skim milk and special ferment for cooking.  

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