Whether there is life after death? Experience experienced clinical death

Whether there is life after death? Experience experienced clinical death

The person was always interested in secrets and riddles of death. Many are frightened by fear of the unknown. An opportunity to compare experience of people who experienced clinical death will help to learn where you get and that you feel, dying.

Scientists conducted researches and revealed the list of the most often found scenarios. Separate feelings were as independent, and in group with others.

1. Long corridor

Passing of a corridor with light at the end of the way has the luck to see in 42% cases. People saw something divine there, or the relatives who died.

2. Absolute love

69% of people had fine feeling of absolute love. 

3. Telepathic abilities

Improbable abilities to communication not verbally with people or beings were shown by 65% of examinees.

4. Joy, admiration

In 56% of cases the admiration from a meeting with divine creations, the joy of a meeting with the family was experienced. People were happy to be there.

5. God

In 56% cases people told that they saw the highest deity – God. Surprisingly, but its presence was felt even by 75% of those who were the convinced atheist.

6. Absolute knowledge 

Abilities to immense knowledge of the Universe it is diagnosed for 46% of examinees. This feeling was similar to knowledge of everything that why and why occurs. At return to the real world this ability was lost, but in memory the feeling of pansophy was imprinted. 

7. All life

62% of respondents saw ahead of themselves all the life on moments. Some were lucky to see everything, to others – only the most pleasant moments.

8. Next world

Many noted that there is not only Hell and Paradise, but also various steps, spheres of an afterlife which they visited (46%). Those who visited also Hell, noted that it was very heavy to be there.

9. Line which divides the world dead and live

46% of respondents told about somebody a barrier which divides the worlds. It is impossible to get to other world if the beings protecting it do not pass you. And the chance of the choice of the world dead or alive was given not all, in other cases the shining beings solved.

10. Ability to anticipation

In certain cases showed to people events which will take place in the future (44%). Such knowledge helped people at return to life.

11. Uncertainty

While many people speak about similar feelings, at return to life all of them are not sure of the things happening to them in time of death. At the same time, this proof of life after death.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team