Who such philosopher

Who such philosopher

The philosopher – "любомудр" - the person trying to learn wisdom. However it is impossible to identify the philosopher and the wise man. The wise man already knows in what he wisdom, learned its essence, and the philosopher only aspires to it.

To be wise or to look for the road to wisdom

Certainly, the philosopher – the unusual person. At all times philosophers existed and differed from other people. For the first time the term "philosopher" was offered by Heraclitus. This thinker considered that the philosopher has to look for wisdom in a word. Sophists, on the contrary, considered that, having learned wisdom, the philosopher is obliged to inform of it the pupils.

In everyday understanding the philosopher – the person whose world is not limited to daily cares and vanity. He lives according to the ideas of love, beauty and other non-material values. Theoretically in each person there is a part from the philosopher and any can become a philosopher. However in reality it appears not so.

The Ancient Greek thinker Platon, for example, considered that the philosopher it is impossible to become because that can only be born. The nature has to put ability to knowledge and understanding of the absolute truth in the creation. Naturally, each person cannot have similar abilities. Respectively philosophers – single representatives among people. The philosopher – that person who as nobody has to realize that he constantly is face to face with ignorance. Often philosophers pave the way to new.

Both way of life, and profession

If earlier when determining the person as philosopher understood his belonging to a certain school or a current, for example, sophists and so forth the Person carrying himself to a certain school was a philosopher on the way of life. Now there is the philosopher's profession, at many universities philosophical faculties which let out professional philosophers are open. However without certain inclinations the philosopher not to become. It is interesting that the person who got a profile philosophical education, learned to think and solve problems it is non-standard, can become the unsurpassed professional not only in the field of philosophy, but also in other areas of scientific knowledge. In the West major companies with pleasure invite diplomaed the philosopher for work with clients because the philosopher can propose the non-standard solution in any situation. However it is possible to work directly in the specialty – to teach philosophy in higher education institution. By the way, philosophers cannot precisely define a subject of the knowledge and give definition what is the philosopher and also to plan something.

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