Why cabbage isn't made sour, and goes out

Why cabbage isn't made sour, and goes out

Cabbage can spoil because of many reasons, however main of them - lack of fermentation. If later couple of days after ferment of vegetable its fermentation isn't observed, then it can bring into a preparation protukhaniya.

Not at each hostess it turns out to ferment cabbage correctly from the first, that vegetable turned out really tasty and wasn't spoiled in the first days, it is necessary to follow a number of rules. Non-compliance at least can lead one of them to a preparation produkhaniye.

So, to ferment cabbage which long wouldn't deteriorate it is important to choose competently vegetable for fermentation. White grades of cabbage with juicy crunchy foliage are ideal for the procedure. Vegetables with dark green sheets - not the best option as they at a zakvashivaniye give the smallest amount of juice.

Important detail at fermentation - the salt choice. Now on sale there is a salt with various additives, however it is worth remembering that at fermentation it is possible to add only coarse rock salt which isn't containing various vitamins of type of iodine and other to cabbage. Iodinated salt to don't suit for ferment therefore if you wish to prepare долгохранящийся a product, then don't use such seasoning at all.

Observance of a compounding is also important. Many hostesses at fermentation of cabbage add to it not enough salt or badly pereminat vegetables, without trying to obtain the necessary secretion. All this not in the best way affects ferment. Therefore if you for the first time decided to ferment a kapustka, take salts not less than 2% of cabbage weight then to its peremnita with vegetables so that juice was surely emitted.

Well and in conclusion It is necessary to tell that cabbage can become rotten because she ""choked"". During fermentation in vegetables gas, and so under the influence of these gases is formed if in time not to let out them, preparation begins to spoil. Therefore timely piercing of cabbage - the only exit from this situation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team