Why from pineapple shchipt language and a mouth

Why from pineapple shchipt language and a mouth

Pineapples call fruits of the plant of the same name growing in South America on islands of a tropical belt, Africa and Southeast Asia. Thanks to the unique taste, useful properties and low caloric content, pineapple is extremely popular in many countries. However, its consumption is fraught with unpleasant consequences in the form of burning in a mouth.

Properties of pineapple

Properties of pineapple are explained by the substances which are its part. So, fruits of this plant are vitamin-rich A, PP, B1, B2 and B12 therefore it is recommended to a thicket to use during catarrhal diseases for increase in immunity. As for mineral substances, at pineapple there are a copper, zinc, calcium, manganese, iron, potassium and even iodine. It is a lot of in it cellulose and pectin which well affect digestion.

And as a part of pineapple there is a special enzyme – бромелайн. Its existence leads to what during the use of fruits of this plant begins to pinch a mouth, language and even lips. The fact is that бромелайн has ability to destroy protein which is present including at a mouth of the person.

Especially large amount of this enzyme contains in a dense peel of pineapple, that is why it is necessary to clean from it fruits carefully and quickly. Also the level of a bromeline is much higher in crude fruits therefore their use, especially in large numbers, can cause burns mucous a mouth. Despite this, бромелайн promotes digestion improvement, but doesn't influence a metabolism as works only in intestines. That is why all medicines for weight loss on the basis of this substance will hardly help to achieve the objective. Besides, pineapple increases potassium level in blood and is excellent diuretic. Therefore it is useful to use it for clarification of an organism, elimination of hypostases and improvement of blood circulation. Here only is it it is necessary very accurately.

As it is correct to eat pineapple that didn't pinch in a mouth

To protect mucous lips and a mouth from burns, it is necessary to use only ripe fruits of pineapple. To choose such product, pay attention to its peel – it has to have yellowish-brown color and to be moderately elastic. And fruits have to make a deaf sound at percussion on them. Leaves at mature pineapple can easily be got. It is also important to peel pineapple before the use. For this purpose it is necessary to cut off at first it from above and from below. Then to put it vertically and to cut off a side peel from top to down by means of a sharp knife. At the end it is necessary to cut out all remained "eyes". After that it is the best of all to cut a fruit on circles and to divide everyone into several pieces which are located in a mouth at once - it will save lips from a bromeline. That in a mouth at consumption of pineapple didn't pinch, it is better to eat it in small amounts. It is also possible to use it with yogurt or to wash down with champagne. However it is necessary to refuse this fruit at excessive acidity of a stomach, gastritis or an ulcer.

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