World history as science

World history as science

Human society developed throughout the millennia in different corners of the planet. Historians seek to describe the course of formation of a civilization and to reflect all variety of historical events, considering separate eras and regions. The scientific discipline called world history unites all stages of global historical process.


1. World history – scientific discipline in which center of attention there are regularities of social development, peculiar stories of one and all people inhabiting the planet. This science considers development of a civilization as a unit. At the same time the distinctive features characteristic of separate eras and regions are considered. For convenience of perception and the analysis history of mankind is divided into several chronological periods.

2. Historians found out that development of society is carried out in two possible ways. The first is a gradual and smooth accumulation of events which can be compared to biological evolution. Other way – ruptures of gradualness, revolutionary jumps during which the public relations cardinally break occurs rather fast transition to new to eras. The world history investigates both ways at different stages of development of a civilization.

3. As an independent division of science about development of society the world history began to be formed only at the end of Renaissance. Before history had no subject and methodology. Scientists were limited to only more or less coherent statement of the facts and the description of separate events. Over time methods of classification of the historical phenomena began to appear, there were special methods of historical knowledge of social reality.

4. Those historians who research separate eras see the world in parts, under different points of view. Without features of the previous periods and events which were taking place in the neighboring regions in science "white spots" are formed, the phenomena which do not find the explanation are described. The complete genetic approach inherent in world history gives the chance to eliminate similar smashing of knowledge.

5. The world history adopted also a dialectic method which found the embodiment in historical materialism. Similar approach allows to consider the social phenomena from a position not of accidental signs, but stable material factors. The analysis joins the level of economic development of a civilization, the nature of productive forces and the relations of production corresponding to them.

6. Distinctive sign of world history – the extreme width and depth of studying an object. Other disciplines, for example, the history of continents, certain countries and the people, are for it data source and help to build a general picture of the events which were earlier happening on all planet. For this reason the world history is quite often called history general.

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