10 life hacks for the smartphone

10 life hacks for the smartphone

The majority of smartphones works at the Android platform. According to the conducted researches many people even do not know what the smartphone which they hold in the hand is capable of. Offered life hack addition by all means will surprise many.

10 life hacks for the smartphone

Today experts developed a huge number of applications which give the chance to use phone in a new way.

10 life hacks with the smartphone:

  1. Many people, especially aged, have problems with sight. In the smartphone it is possible to change a font, having come into the Special Opportunities menu.
  2. Having the Android operating system, it is possible to connect the gadget to different computer peripherals, for example, to the printer, columns, the modem, etc. For this purpose it is necessary to have OTG wire.
  3. In the latests version the Android, is offered new life hack – the Smart Lock function allowing to use own face for unblocking of phone.
  4. If stole phone from you or it was lost, then Android allows to learn its arrangement. For this purpose visit the website http://www.google.com/android/devicemanager where enter the password from the account. As a result on the card you will see desirable information.
  5. One more life hack for the smartphone – an opportunity to dictate messages. For this purpose on the keyboard it is necessary just to press an icon of the microphone.
  6. The platform allows to install Android on a desktop of an icon of contacts for implementation of fast set at addition of widgets.
  7. At frequent change of smartphones it is recommended to create the backup copy of a system which will keep applications and also passwords.
  8. Android suggests users to make settings of power supply, having come into the corresponding menu where there are many interesting functions.
  9. If desired it is possible to change the keyboard which it is possible to download the Market in Play on the smartphone, and then, to choose in the Control menu → "Language and the keyboard".
  10. Applications can be installed, having come on the web version of Google from where desirable additions are downloaded.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team