5 bad habits which are taking away from you time

5 bad habits which are taking away from you time

We already know that the inability to dispose competently of the time and ignorance of the most effective techniques of management of time leads to constant delay and discontent of people around.

Often happens so that we do not manage to act effectively, and we spend a lot of time for what could be made quickly. And at worst, we spend precious time and forces, trying to make everything as soon as possible, without knowing ways to accelerate the course of affairs. Get acquainted with five most widespread habits which are taking away our time and leading to constant stresses, a low self-assessment and... to constant delay.

  1. You do not ask about the help. Many of us do not like to ask for help not to lose feeling of complete control over a situation. If it seems to you that you are capable independently will cope with everything, you have also an illusion that so you will avoid stresses. However, having asked the help, you not only will be able to cope with an objective earlier, but also to achieve more good results, you will have an opportunity to attract those who understand a certain sphere better you. For example, you will save a lot of time if just ask a way the passerby.
  2. You look for ways to make work with little effort. Sometimes we are not completely given to performance of a task or a certain work, taking great pain to postpone its performance, or, whenever possible, in general to avoid it. Or we start working, but reluctantly, half-heartedly. At the same time we understand that on performance of all this work at us not a lot of time will leave. This thought has to stimulate you, remember it when you make the schedule for day or the list of tasks.
  3. You are convinced that it is not your work. Sometimes it seems to us that to do a certain work – not our duty, and all the time leaves on vain search of the one who could "delegate" performance of this work. Do not spend on it precious time and reconcile to the fact that sometimes you should perform also the work which does not have a direct bearing on you.
  4. You spend a lot of time for insignificant talks and excessive emotions. Participation in senseless discussions always takes away many moral forces, and the ability to organize and perform work with the minimum temporary, emotional and resource expenditure can save to you a lot of time and nervous cages.
  5. You do not take a break for rest. There is a stereotype that office worker has to be busy all the time. That is why most of them skillfully pretend to be busy. Thus, the employees who are not busied most often devote the most part of working hours to social networks and senseless "wandering" on the World Wide web. Remember that in work it is necessary to take a break, and only their competent organization will be able to help you to work more effectively and more productively. Breaks lasting 5-10 minutes each 2-3 hours – a great option of such organization. It will help you to improve your skills of management of time, to work quickly and to try to obtain success in affairs.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team