5 main opening of the 20th century

5 main opening of the 20th century

The 20th century became history thanks to a large number of important events. For these hundred years two world wars managed to happen, the person went to space, the state for the first time announced transition to post-industrial society. All this would be impossible without the corresponding opening in various fields of knowledge. They were an incitement to further development.

Most important opening

The first serious opening - penicillin. This molecule became the first-ever antibiotic and kept lives to millions of people during the war. In 1928 the biologist Alexander Fleming during the experiment noticed that the usual mold destroys bacteria. In 1938 two scientists continuing work on properties of penicillin managed to allocate its clean form on the basis of which substance also was produced as medicine. All this gave a huge impetus to medicine in researches and creation of new medicines thanks to which doctors can struggle with the majority of diseases worldwide.

Max Planck's discovery which explained to all scientific world as energy in atom behaves was made. On the basis of these data Einstein created the quantum theory in 1905, and after him Niels Bohr managed to create the first model of atom. It gave an impetus to electronics, nuclear power, development of chemistry and physics. All scientists in the opening used these data. Thanks to this opening the world became such hi-tech.

The opening estimated recently

The third important discovery was made in 1936 by John Keynes. He developed the theory of self-control of market economy. His books and the put-forward thoughts helped to develop in them to economy and created classical school on which they still teach at the higher educational universities. Thanks to its works the macroeconomic appeared as independent science. The fourth important discovery was made in 1911 by Kamerlingom-Onessom. It introduced a concept of superconductivity for the first time. This state in which some materials can have the zero resistance to electricity. The contribution of this opening is that thanks to such materials the creation of strong magnetic fields which are necessary for creation of conditions for numerous experiments became possible. Thanks to conductivity opportunities begin to create power lines much of the smaller sizes already now. Superconductors are parts of the majority of the serious scientific equipment. The fifth discovery was made in 1985 when it was succeeded to find ozone holes which arise in the atmosphere because of emission of a large number of freon. Restoration of an ozone layer is very important for prevention of penetration of a large number of solar radiation to Earth. Reduction amount of ozone affects the number of cancer diseases and life of animals and plants. Thanks to this opening, the mankind took measures for reduction of emissions of freon on the basis of bromine and chlorine and replacement of substance by fluorinated freona. But the most important that people thought of preservation of the planet and of how to avoid destruction of ecology as a result of anthropogenic activity.

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