Advantage of onanism for men

Advantage of onanism for men

Today difficult unambiguously to express the relation to onanism as in this respect each person has the point of view. Someone condemns such occupation, and someone is convinced that for men from onanism only one advantage and it is a good way for self-satisfaction.

Onanism from the medical point of view

By health workers it was scientifically confirmed that onanism is shown in the sexual plan, and in certain age when the man passes a formation stage – to it such process is simply necessary.

Psychologists and sexologists are convinced that onanism – a great way thanks to which it is possible to learn the body and to understand how to reach the highest peak of pleasure – an orgasm. Due to onanism the man can gain self-confidence already directly at intimate relationship as in a bed it is necessary to get rid of all possible complexes as much as possible.

Advantage of onanism

Many men ask a question concerning what advantage of onanism and whether this process has positive sides. It is possible to answer unambiguously – is. The main advantage of occupation of masturbation is that this process allows to be protected from the viruses extending on all organism and bearing to it special danger (AIDS, HIV, hepatitis C).

At men who regularly masturbate the immunity increases, the risk of oncological diseases of a prostate decreases, the risk of appearance of heart troubles decreases. Also it was established that thanks to this occupation the quality of semen improves, the eyakulyanta having low mobility are eliminated.

But it should be noted that except advantage the onanism does also harm, though insignificant. For example, such occupation takes away a lot of physical and mental energy that the organism leads to feeling of fatigue.

If it is very frequent to masturbate, then it is fraught with possible emergence of certain injuries of genitals. For this reason everything is better to do moderately and not to abuse.


Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team